Weekly Services Sample Clauses

Weekly Services a. Dust all low reach and high reach areas, including but not limited to, structural ledges, mirror tops, partition tops and edges, air conditioning diffusers and return air grilles.
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Weekly Services. (All areas on attached drawing(s) are to be cleaned weekly.)
Weekly Services i) Wet mop all stone, vinyl or composition lobby floors (daily spot mopping may satisfy this need)
Weekly Services i. All pictures and door frames will be dusted.
Weekly Services a. Dust all low reach areas including, but not limited to chair rungs, structural and furniture ledges, base boards, window sills, door louvers, wood paneling mouldxxx, handrails and railings, etc.
Weekly Services. 1. All furniture dusted completely - tops of desks, tables, credenzas, etc., should be free of all work papers, folders, etc.
Weekly Services. 1. Hand dust all louvers and ventilating louvers in Premises; and
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Weekly Services i) Remove recycling material when container is full.
Weekly Services i) Flush water through P-traps weekly to ensure elimination of odor.
Weekly Services a. Thoroughly clean entire interior surfaces of all doors and frames and outside surfaces of all doors and frames. b. Thoroughly clean all door tracks and thresholds.
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