Lowest Sample Clauses

Lowest. SECTION 2 - OPERATION The charger utilizes a standard ferro-resonant transformer, which provides isolation from the AC service line and regulates the charging current. The transformer output is connected to a full-wave bridge rectifier assembly, which provides DC charging current to the battery. The starting charge amps and length of time required for a charge vary depending on the charger model. See the data plate on the charger for information.
Lowest priced among technically compliant offer (point system with a minimum threshold). The financial proposal of only those offerors obtaining the minimum 70% score during technical evaluation should be opened. The remaining financial proposals of offerors whose technical proposals are deemed unqualified and non-responsive shall be remain unopened. The contract will be award to the company meeting the minimum 70% score in the technical evaluation and offering the lowest price.
Lowest. EDF Xxxxx’x Rating less than or equal to .xxx Xx0 .xx0 Bl .xx0, .xx0 or .b1 X0 .x0 or.b3 B3 .caa Caal provided that the Xxxxx’x Rating determined pursuant to the chart above will be reduced by an additional one half rating subcategory for leveraged buyout transactions.
Lowest. 0 Highest: 0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lowest. For the purposes of this Confirmation Lowest means the lowest Quotation obtained in accordance with Section 9.8 (k) (i) and (ii) as amended below, with respect to any Valuation Date. Dealers: XX Xxxxxx Securities Limited, Deutsche Bank AG, Societe Generale, Barclays Capital, CSFB, BNP Paribas, HSBC, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx International, Xxxxxxx Sachs International, Citigroup, Xxxxxx Stanley, Lehman Brothers, UBS AG, Calyon, and any other dealers (in the type of obligations for which Quotations are to be obtained) as agreed between Party A and Party B prior to the Valuation Date.
Lowest. Tenderer will be decided on the Basis of Aggregate amount (Quoted) of all the items of Schedule of Quantities (BOQ).
Lowest. 0 Highest: 36 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lowest price guarantee Club Xxxxxxxx has stipulated a Lowest Price Guarantee when entering into agreements with owners. That means that the price as you see it on Xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx is always the lowest price.
Lowest priced, satisfactory accommodation. The use of hotels which provide SMS special reduced rates is encouraged.
Lowest. 36 Highest: 36 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------