Locomotives Sample Clauses

Locomotives a. Haulage transit time plus dwell time, multiplied by rent cost of locomotive consist and locomotive type.
Locomotives. 111.6 The following classes of locomotive are suitable for Driver Only Operation of Shunt Locomotives.  1700/1720  All DOO modified locomotives as agreed on a yard by yard basis. Marshalling of Locomotives 111.7 As a general principle, locomotives will be marshalled to provide drivers with the best vision in the direction opposite to which the shunting gang normally work. The most favourable direction of travel will be determined during trials of each locomotive to be Driver Only Operated and the locomotives will be marshalled accordingly.
Locomotives. (a) From the Locomotives owned and leased by South Buffalo, as identified on Exhibit 8.5, Seller shall be obligated to cause South Buffalo to have eight (8) Locomotives in good working order as of the Closing Date. Each Locomotive owned by South Buffalo, as indicated on Exhibit 8.5 (the "Owned Locomotives"), shall be presumed to be in good working order as of the Closing Date, unless Buyer provides Seller with a written rejection notice ("Rejection Notice") within five (5) days after Closing; provided that Locomotive S-5, X-0 xxd S-33 shall be presumed to be in good working order as of the Closing Date. However, for purposes of its inspection, Buyer will not use the condition of S-33 as the standard for "good working order" in determining necessary repairs. As to each Owned Locomotive for which Buyer provides a Rejection Notice, Buyer shall provide to Seller, within ten (10) days after Closing, a written estimate of the cost to repair such Locomotive ("Repair
Locomotives. Power chain hoists and concrete pumps. House elevators used in the construction, alteration, demolition and repairing of buildings and structure at a cost of $25,000.00 or more (it being agreed that from a cost of $25,000.00 to $50,000.00, an engineer shall be employed for a minimum of one week and that from $50,000.00 to $100,000.00, an engineer shall be employed for a minimum of two weeks. (These terms shall apply to all contracts of one contractor in one building progressing at the same time). Unloading material from a truck to the ground where power is used to facilitate same shall not be classified as hoisting. In connection with pumping where any pumping is required to be operated continuously on river xxxxxx darns and well point pumps because of a water condition shall be employed water condition, an engineer shall be employed. A lift truck when such lift truck is used to hoist building materials. A conveyor when such conveyor is used to raise building materials from one floor to another floor. Motorized buggies when they are used on temporary ramps for lifting materials to the second floor, or above. An engineer shall NOT be required on gasoline engines furnishing power to drive electric generators when one machine (no larger than 300 amperes) is involved in a project. When two or more machines of this size or one or more machines of a larger size are utilized on a pro j e c t . Welding machines when used on structural steel work. Personnel material hoists, regardless of the use of such machines. Helicopters used in construction.

Related to Locomotives

  • Fuel 28.1 The Vehicle must be returned with the amount of fuel equal to that at the time of the commencement of the rental. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference will be charged to You at a rate of $5.00 including GST per litre (which includes a service component).

  • Trailers You are insured against claims arising out of your ownership, use or operation of any trailer or its equipment, provided that such trailer is not being towed by, attached to or carried on a motorized vehicle. Business or Business Use

  • Computer Equipment SSAS shall provide a complete computer set-up, including the required keyboard and keypad, as specified by the School Board. The School Board shall maintain all student status and account information.

  • Pipelines Developer shall have no interest in the pipeline gathering system, which gathering system shall remain the sole property of Operator or its Affiliates and shall be maintained at their sole cost and expense.

  • Equipment The Fund shall obtain and maintain at its own cost and expense all equipment and services, including but not limited to communications services, necessary for it to utilize the Software and obtain access to the System, and Custodian shall not be responsible for the reliability or availability of any such equipment or services.

  • Vehicles Upon the request of the Collateral Agent, within 30 days after the date of such request and, with respect to any vehicle acquired by the Debtor subsequent to the date of any such request, within 30 days after the date of acquisition thereof, the Debtor shall file all applications for certificates of title or ownership indicating the Collateral Agent’s first priority security interest in the vehicle covered by such certificate and any other necessary documentation, in each office in each jurisdiction that the Collateral Agent shall deem advisable to perfect its security interests in the vehicles; provided, however, that the aggregate value of all vehicles excepted from the application of this Section 3.10 shall not exceed $1,000,000.

  • Machinery Business machines and mechanical equipment belonging to Tenant which cause noise and/or vibration that may be transmitted to the structure of the Building or to any other leased space to such a degree as to be objectionable to Landlord or to any tenants in the Complex shall be placed and maintained by the party possessing the machines or equipment, at such party’s expense, in settings of cork, rubber or spring type noise and/or vibration eliminators, and Tenant shall take such other measures as needed to eliminate vibration and/or noise. If the noise or vibrations cannot be eliminated, Tenant must remove such equipment within ten (10) days following written notice from Landlord.

  • Consumables Hardware Support does not include the delivery, return, replacement, or installation of supplies or other consumable items (including, but not limited to, operating supplies, magnetic media, print heads, ribbons, toner, and batteries) unless otherwise stated in a Transaction Document.

  • Electrical Equipment Other than typical office equipment, light manufacturing, laboratory, research and development equipment, including, without limitation, computers, copiers, and printers, Tenant shall not, without Landlord’s written consent in each instance, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed, connect to the electrical distribution system any fixtures, appliances, or equipment which will operate individually or collectively at a wattage in excess of the capacity of the electrical system serving the Premises as the same may be reasonably determined by Landlord who may audit Tenant’s use of electric power to determine Tenant’s compliance herewith. If Landlord, in its sole discretion, permits such excess usage, Tenant will pay for the cost of such excess power as additional rent, together with the cost of installing any additional risers, meters, or other facilities that may be required to furnish or measure such excess power to the Premises.

  • Containers The marine and intermodal cargo containers either owned or leased by the Borrower and employed by the Borrower in the conduct of its business, including, without limitation, refrigerated, dry van, tank, open top and flat rack containers and refrigeration units and generator sets associated therewith, but excluding any chassis for such containers.