Vehicles definition

Vehicles means all vehicles covered by a certificate of title law of any state.

Examples of Vehicles in a sentence

  • These modules will power 20 Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen buses planned for deployment The Netherlands, under the Joint Initiative For Hydrogen Vehicles Across Europe (“JIVE 2”) funding program.

More Definitions of Vehicles

Vehicles means all components of the Light Duty Vehicle(s) provided under a Mini-Mid, including Aftermarket Components. “Vehicle(s) Built to Specifications” shall refer to Vehicle(s) requested in a Mini-Bid that will be ordered directly from the OEM and built to the specifications identified by the Authorized User on Form A: Mini-Bid Request.
Vehicles means everything on wheels or runners, including motorized bicycles, but does not mean electric personal assistive mobility devices, vehicles that are operated exclusively on rails or tracks or from overhead electric trolley wires, and vehicles that belong to any police department, municipal fire department, or volunteer fire department, or that are used by such a department in the discharge of its functions.
Vehicles means railway vehicles (including non-passenger carrying vehicles) comprised in trains used for the purpose of providing services for the carriage of passengers by railway, excluding locomotives which are not capable of the carriage of passengers; and
Vehicles has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(o).
Vehicles means all now existing or hereafter acquired new and used automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks and vans of all types and descriptions, whether held for sale, lease, rental or operational purposes, which relate to the Borrower’s or any Subsidiary’s Automobile Retailing Activities.