Obligors Sample Clauses

Obligors. (a) A copy of the constitutional documents of each Obligor or a certificate of an authorised signatory of each relevant Obligor certifying that the constitutional documents previously delivered to the Agent for the purposes of the Original Facility Agreement have not been amended and remain in full force and effect.
Obligors. Any information or consent provided by the Agent or Security Agent under the Finance Documents may be relied upon by the Obligors as having been properly authorised by the Lenders, the Majority Lenders and/or the Finance Parties, as applicable, in accordance with the terms of the Finance Documents, unless otherwise notified by the Agent or Security Agent. Furthermore, each Obligor shall be entitled to deal with Agent and/or Security Agent in all matters arising under or relating to this Agreement and other Finance Documents.
Obligors. No Obligor may transfer any of his or her rights or obligations under this Agreement or the Collateral Documents without the prior written consent of the Lender.
Obligors. None of the Receivables is due from any Person which does not have a mailing address in the United States of America. No Receivable is due from the United States of America or any State or from any agency, department, instrumentality or political subdivision thereof.