Matching Requirements Sample Clauses

Matching Requirements. 1. The required minimum administration matching contributions for Title III B, not including Ombudsman, III C, & III E is 25 percent (25%).
Matching Requirements. Except for acquisitions of property interests in opportunity areas, as defined by K.C.C. 26.12.003, any Project funded by Conservation Futures Levy proceeds shall be supported by the City in which the Project is located with a matching contribution, which is no less than the amount of Conservation Futures Levy proceeds allocated to the Project. This contribution may be in the form of cash, land match with a valuation verified by an appraisal by an independent state- certified real estate appraiser with a current general real estate appraiser license, or the cash value, excluding King County conservation futures contributions, of other open spaces acquired within the previous two years from the date of submittal of the application by the City. The appraisal, to be reviewed, shall have been performed within two years of the application deadline set for the annual allocation of conservation futures tax levy proceeds under which the Property received funding. Properties considered as land match or cash value of other open space acquisitions should be directly linked to the property under application. Any City match, other than cash, shall require County DocuSign Envelope ID: 5DAADC33-5503-4C8E-8143-B63ED66CB8D2
Matching Requirements. Grantees must provide the match listed in section 11n of the NOA in accordance with the program requirements and what was listed within the application submitted for this award.
Matching Requirements. The Grantee certifies that the following matching requirement for the grant contract will be met by Grantee: No less than Sixty percent (60.00%) of the total actual, eligible costs incurred in the performance of the Grantee’s duties specified in Exhibit A.
Matching Requirements. SUBRECIPIENT is required to make matching contributions to supplement the ESG program in an amount that equals or exceeds the amount of ESG funds provided by HUD through the COUNTY. Such contributions shall be entirely consistent with the Matching Requirements as outline by 24 CFR § 576.201. The anticipated source and amount of all matching funds contributed by the SUBRECIPIENT will be enumerated in the Budget, as identified in Attachment C.
Matching Requirements. -- For the MDF, NorthPoint will match Partner's funding dollar-for-dollar, up to the total amount available in Network Plus's co-marketing account. When a Partner submits claim for MDF, NorthPoint will reimburse up to 50% of the total cost of the activity. TERM FOR USE OF CO-MARKETING PROGRAM DOLLARS -- Kick-Start Launch Funds must be used within (3) months of market launch -- MDF must be used within (3) months of being earned BRANDING REQUIREMENT -- NorthPoint brand and logo must be visible (print) and/or mentioned (radio/TV) on all Network Plus' marketing communications for which Co-Marketing funds will be applied. REIMBURSEMENT METHODOLOGY -- Upon Partner's submission of all relevant receipts, NorthPoint will process reimbursement via either a credit to Network Plus's account or a direct payment to Network Plus. Form of payment is at discretion of Network Plus, provided account is in good standing (including full payment of applicable port reservation fees). Upon payment by NorthPoint to Network Plus, MDF balance will be debited accordingly.
Matching Requirements. The Grantee agrees to provide matching funds for each approved activity in the amounts, ratios, and proportions set forth in Part III. Matching funds must be expended during the grant period. With each request for CDBG funds, the Grantee is required to certify the amount of matching funds applied to the Project. Project costs are to be paid from grant and matching funds as specified in Part III. The Grantee will be responsible for costs that exceed the total Project costs.
Matching Requirements. If applicable insert the conditions of matching requirement. If not applicable, please delete this entire matching paragraph GRANTEE certifies that the following matching requirement, for the grant, will be met by GRANTEE:
Matching Requirements. If a Manage- ment Board determines that two or more proposed conservation actions are of equal value toward fulfillment of the relevant Im- plementation Plan, priority shall be given to the action or actions for which there exist non-Federal matching contributions that are equal to or exceed the amount of Federal funds available for such action or actions.
Matching Requirements. A. SUBGRANTEE shall make matching contributions, cash or non-cash, of which no more than one third shall be in-kind contributions.