Seller Financing definition

Seller Financing unsecured Debt incurred by one or more Obligors as full or partial consideration for a Permitted Acquisition, which shall be subordinated to the Obligations on terms and pursuant to documentation reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.
Seller Financing means Indebtedness of the Borrower or a Subsidiary Guarantor issued as consideration to a seller of assets (including equity) pursuant to a Permitted Acquisition.
Seller Financing means either: (i) the extension of credit to Borrower that enables the Borrower to acquire a majority interest in a Partnership or LLC, (ii) the extension of credit to Borrower by any seller of a majority interest in an existing ambulatory surgery center, which sale is made to Borrower, a Partnership, or an LLC, or (iii) the extension of credit to Borrower by the seller of the assets in a Physician Practice Acquisition.

Examples of Seller Financing in a sentence

  • Other than the Seller Financing more particularly described in Section 2.3, Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer’s obligations under this Agreement are not in any way conditioned upon obtaining new financing for any of the amounts payable by Buyer hereunder.

  • If there are, the terms of the following addenda are incorporated into this Contract by this reference: [ X] Addendum No. 1 [ ] Survey Addendum [ ] Seller Financing Addendum [ ] FHA/VA Loan Addendum [ ] Assumption Addendum [ ] Lead-Based Paint Addendum (in some transactions this addendum is required by law) [ ] Other (specify) .

  • The Seller Financing Documents, executed by a duly authorized officer of Buyer.

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Permitted Exceptions shall not include liens securing any financing obtained by Seller ("Financing Liens"), and Seller shall be required to clear any and all Financing Liens from title on or before the Closing.

  • The Commitment Letter has not been amended, modified, withdrawn, terminated or replaced, except that it may be amended or replaced in a manner which (a) does not adversely affect in a material manner the ability of Purchaser to consummate the acquisition of the Shares, (b) is not reasonably likely to cause a material delay in the consummation of the acquisition of the Shares or (c) does not adversely affect in a material manner the material terms of the Seller Financing.

More Definitions of Seller Financing

Seller Financing has the meaning set forthspecified in Section 4.01(f).
Seller Financing means (i) the postpetition financing facilities or arrangements of the Debtors and (ii) any financing facilities or arrangements of the Non-Debtors.
Seller Financing. Indebtedness incurred as seller financing.
Seller Financing means the sale of a Fund Asset using a structure whereby the Fund sells an Asset to a buyer, and agrees to allow the buyer to pay the Fund for the purchase over a period of time, rather than being paid in full at the time of the sale. Seller Financing may be secured by a note and deed of trust, a mortgage, a contract (recorded or unrecorded), or any other means as determined by the Manager.
Seller Financing means financing provided by Seller to or for the benefit of Buyer in an amount equal to seventy-five percent (75%) of the applicable Purchase Price with respect to the applicable Closing, pursuant to the Seller Financing Documents.
Seller Financing means the purchase price payment obligations of the Borrower and the Other Tender Offerors with Pampa Energía S.A., Pampa Participaciones S.A. and Pampa Inversiones S.A. (collectively, the “Pampa Entities”), evidenced by Offer CIESA 1/2016 sent by the Pampa Entities to the Borrower and the Other Tender Offerors on July 18, 2016, and accepted by them on the same date, relating to the purchase of 50% of the Voting Stock of CIESA from the Pampa Entities.