Loan Documents definition

Loan Documents means, collectively, this Agreement, any note or notes executed by Borrower, and any other document, instrument or agreement entered into in connection with this Agreement, all as amended or extended from time to time.
Loan Documents means this Agreement, each Note and each other instrument, agreement, certificate, notice or other document executed and/or delivered pursuant hereto or thereto or in connection herewith or therewith.

Examples of Loan Documents in a sentence

  • All representations and warranties made in the Credit Agreement or any Loan Document, including without limitation, any Loan Document furnished in connection with this Amendment, shall survive the execution and delivery of this Amendment and the Loan Documents, and no investigation by Lender or any closing shall affect such representations and warranties or the right of Lender to rely thereon.

  • No Credit Party will use confidential information obtained from the Borrower by virtue of the transactions contemplated by the Loan Documents or its other relationships with the Borrower in connection with the performance by such Credit Party of services for other companies, and no Credit Party will furnish any such information to other companies.

  • The Borrower also acknowledges that no Credit Party has any obligation to use in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Loan Documents, or to furnish to the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, confidential information obtained from other companies.

  • It is understood and agreed that the use of the term “agent” herein or in any other Loan Documents (or any other similar term) with reference to the Administrative Agent is not intended to connote any fiduciary or other implied (or express) obligations arising under agency doctrine of any Applicable Law.

  • Each of the Loan Documents and any and all other agreements, documents or instruments now or hereafter executed and delivered pursuant to the terms hereof or pursuant to the terms of the Credit Agreement as amended hereby, are hereby amended so that any reference in such Loan Documents to the Credit Agreement shall mean a reference to the Credit Agreement as amended hereby.

More Definitions of Loan Documents

Loan Documents means this Agreement, each Note, each Issuer Document, any agreement creating or perfecting rights in Cash Collateral pursuant to the provisions of Section 2.15 of this Agreement and the Fee Letter.
Loan Documents means this Agreement, the Notes, the Letter of Credit Documents, the Guaranties, the Security Instruments, the Fee Letter, and each other agreement, instrument, or document executed by the Borrower, any Guarantor, or any of the Borrower’s or a Guarantor’s Subsidiaries or any of their officers at any time in connection with this Agreement.
Loan Documents this Agreement, the Security Documents, the Notes and any amendment, waiver, supplement or other modification to any of the foregoing.
Loan Documents means this Agreement, the Notes, the Letters of Credit (and any applications for, or reimbursement agreements or other documents or certificates executed by Company in favor of an Issuing Lender relating to, the Letters of Credit), the Guaranties and the Collateral Documents.