Lights Sample Clauses

Lights. Wireless facilities may not include exterior lights other than as may be required under Federal Aviation Administration, FCC, other applicable federal or state governmental regulations. All exterior lights permitted or required to be installed must be installed in locations and within enclosures that mitigates illumination impacts on other properties to the maximum extent feasible. Any lights associated with the electronic equipment shall be appropriately shielded from public view. Any light beacons or lightning arresters shall be included in the overall height calculation.
Lights. Direct all lights away from wetlands;
Lights. Those displaying simulated UV lights must mask the lights with smoked Plexiglas or drape so that the lights do not disturb neighboring exhibitors.
Lights. Except as initially installed by the Declarant, no spotlights, floodlights or other high intensity lighting shall be placed or utilized upon any Lot or any structure erected thereon which in any manner will allow light to be directed or reflected on any other property except as approved by the New Construction Committee or Architectural Committee, as applicable.
Lights. All light fixtures, which are bent, deeply scratched or painted, shall be discarded. All good fixtures shall be transported to the storage staging area. Light bulbs and ballasts fully operational shall be transported to the storage staging area.
Lights. Headlights shall be operable on both high and low beam. Taillights, parking lights, signal lights, and interior lights shall all be operable.
Lights. All lights are to be turned out before leaving the Clubhouse.
Lights. Vessel to supply electric lights and lamps at all hatches and in all holds for night work when required.