Lights Sample Clauses

Lights. In addition to the payment of the Tenant’s Occupancy Costs and notwithstanding Sections 6.01 and 6.02, except to the extent the same is included in Operating Costs, the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord monthly in advance, with its payments of Basic Rent, a reasonable amount as determined by the Landlord in respect of replacement of building standard fluorescent tubes, light bulbs and ballasts in the Leased Premises on a periodic basis or as required from time to time and the costs of cleaning, maintaining and servicing of the electrical light fixtures in the Leased Premises.
Lights. Fluorescent tubes and regular light bulbs will be replaced by the maintenance team wherever necessary. Tenants are responsible for informing the office.
Lights. The standard light must keep the homologated or original configuration and can be composed of several light points (leds authorized). The flashing tail lights and retro-reflectors are mandatory Each car must be equipped with red LED rain lights at the rear (appearing on FIA list n ° 19) or comply with its homologation form. The power of the headlights and rear lights should under no circumstances dazzle. Identification lights of cars by their garage: this light must not flash, not be rotating, because it is strictly reserved for the intervention vehicle. The rear rain light must be illuminated at all times when a car is running on a track that has been declared as “wet”, unless instructed otherwise by the race director. In case of night race, - Each car must have one front light point on each side and one rear light point on each side, operating at each moment of the event. - the installation of a maximum of 4 additional high beams is allowed. Additional lights must be conform to the homologation form of the car or validated by the technical delegate if they are not part of the homologation form. - These changes should not generate down force or adding cooling air flow. In case of malfunction of a car's lighting and light signalling system, whether on the track or in the pit lane, the Race Director can immediately inform the competitor, who must, in that case, remedy the situation during the next pit stop. The Race Director, for safety reasons at his own discretion, can decided to order the immediate stopping of the car in order for repairs to be carried out. At least one windscreen wiper must work for closed cars.
Lights. All interior office, warehouse, dock, emergency and exit lights will be fully operational with all bulbs, ballasts and fixtures functioning.
Lights. The light should turn green as soon as the pass has been read. A yellow light indicates your balance is below $10.00; you need to add funds to your account as soon as possible, either by cash, check or credit/debit card. While yellow there is still a balance on your account; no payment is required to pass. A red light indicates that your account balance is $2.00 or less and has been inactivated. You must pay cash to cross at this time. DO NOT back out of a BreezeBy lane.
Lights. In effort to conserve electricity, always turn off room or lounge lights when they are not in use.
Lights. Turn off all lights at the conclusion of each event.
Lights. Except as initially installed by the Declarant, no spotlights, floodlights or other high intensity lighting shall be placed or utilized upon any Lot or any structure erected thereon which in any manner will allow light to be directed or reflected on any other property except as approved by the New Construction Committee or Architectural Committee, as applicable.
Lights. All tournaments and leagues must end by 12:00am. Lights will be on a timer and will be turned off at the time requested by THE RENTER. For this reason, the RENTER must request lights to be turned off after all participants have left the premises.
Lights. All light fixtures, which are bent, deeply scratched or painted, shall be discarded. All good fixtures shall be transported to the storage staging area. Light bulbs and ballasts fully operational shall be transported to the storage staging area.