Lights Sample Clauses

Lights. Turn off all lights at the conclusion of each event.
Lights. Except as initially installed by the Declarant, no spotlights, floodlights or other high intensity lighting shall be placed or utilized upon any Lot or any structure erected thereon which in any manner will allow light to be directed or reflected on any other property except as approved by the New Construction Committee or Architectural Committee, as applicable.
Lights. All light fixtures, which are bent, deeply scratched or painted, shall be discarded. All good fixtures shall be transported to the storage staging area. Light bulbs and ballasts fully operational shall be transported to the storage staging area.
Lights. The Tenant may only illuminate the patio using solar lighting. Lights suspended from trees must be removed at the end of the Season.
Lights. The Tenant must not stop up, darken or obstruct any window or light belonging to the Premises.
Lights. Installation of a lintel in the forward passenger compartment with legend EXIT in English/Spanish due to the installation of a curtain between Galley 2 and Galley 3.
Lights. Not to display any flashing lights in the Premises that can be seen from outside the Premises.