Employee Parking Sample Clauses

Employee Parking. The Commission will provide parking within a reasonable distance of their work centre for employees required to use a vehicle as a condition of employment.
Employee Parking. Employees of Tenant shall not park their automobiles in those automobile parking areas of the Common Area which Landlord may from time to time designate for use by patrons of the Property. At all times Landlord shall have the right to designate, or change the designation of, the particular parking area to be used by any or all of such employees. Tenant and its employees shall park their cars only in those portions of the Common Area, if any, designated for that purpose by Landlord. Tenant shall furnish Landlord with the automobile license numbers of Tenant and Tenant's employees within fifteen (15) days after taking possession of the Premises and shall thereafter notify Landlord of any changes thereto within five (5) days after such change occurs. If Tenant or its employees fail to park their cars in the designated parking areas, Landlord may charge Tenant Ten Dollars ($10.00) per car per day for each day or partial day that any car is parked in any area other than those designated; provided, however, Landlord agrees to give Tenant written notice of the first violation of this provision. Tenant shall have two (2) days thereafter within which to correct the violation; if said violation is not corrected within said two-day period, then the aforesaid fine shall be levied and Tenant shall pay the same. After notice of such first violation, no prior notice of any subsequent violation shall be required. All amounts due under provisions of this paragraph shall be payable by Tenant within ten (10) days after demand by Landlord.
Employee Parking. The City, while providing parking facilities at the Airport to Concessionaire’s employees in common with employees of other concessionaires and users of the Airport, retains the right to institute a reasonable charge for the privilege of using these parking facilities. Such charges shall be evidenced by an invoice from the City and shall be promptly paid to the City, with payment directly at the office of the Aviation Director at the Airport at such intervals as shall be demanded by the City from time to time.
Employee Parking. Employees shall be provided with a parking location and parking card or other identification placard to park in City workplaces. In order to encourage employeesto commute using alternative means of transportation other than single occupancy vehicle (SOV) driving, a parking cashout incentive shall be offered. Each employee shall have the option to commit to a non-SOV driving form of transportation as her/his principal mode of transportation and forego receiving a card or other parking identification placard in exchange for a bi-weekly payment (cashout) in the amount of $100. Employees will not be eligible for cashout if they drive alone (SOV) to work and park in an alternative location to their designated parking location. In order to facilitate the need for parking cashout participants to drive to work and park occasionally, the City will provide a pay-per-use parking card (or other mechanism based on available technology) upon request by the employee to park in the Civic Center parking facility. The first five uses of the card per month will not be charged. Based on the number of times the employee drives to work alone (SOV) during the month, beginning with the sixth bi-weekly usage of the card, the employee will be charged $10 per use to be deducted from the following month’s cashout payment. Participants receiving the cashout who park in uncontrolled lots will receive a day pass to park when needed. For each day pass issued, beginning with the sixth use each month, the employee will be charged $10 per use to be deducted from the following month’s cashout payment. The cashout for the upcoming month shall be paid in the first paycheck of the month and is currently taxable. If tax laws are modified to allow the cashout to be designated as pre-tax, the City will then provide the cashout as a pre-tax benefit. Employees receiving cashout may opt out of the program by notifying the program administrator and a parking card or identification placard shall be issued, which will be valid beginning the first day of the following month, and parking cashout will be cancelled. This provision does not apply to employees who travel to and from work in a City provided vehicle on a regular basis. This program will be implemented effective January 1, 2017. The employees covered by this Agreement recognize that the City must comply with regulations issued by the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) and the City's Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan Ordinance. If members of the Bargaining Unit’s Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR) is not progressing towards meeting the AQMD or TDM ordinance targets and it becomes necessary to consider charging for parking during the term of this Agreement in order to comply with City, State or Federal requirements regarding transportation management, the City will meet and confer with Local 1109 before any employee(s) would be subject to such a charge.
Employee Parking. It is understood and agreed that the employees of Tenant, and of other tenants within the Belt Collins Center of which the Demised Premises are a part, shall be permitted to park their automobiles in the Belt Collins Center’s parking areas until such time as the Landlord in its sole discretion shall determine that the total parking space is inadequate to fill the needs of customers and employees. In such event, the Landlord shall have the right to limit Tenant and employee parking on a uniform pro rata basis, or to prohibit Tenant and employee parking at the Belt Collins Center. At all times Landlord shall have the right to designate the particular parking areas to be used by any such employees and any such designation may be changed from time to time and the use of said automobile parking areas by any of such employees shall at all times be secondary and subordinate to the use by customers and patrons of Tenant, of Landlord and of other occupants of said Belt Collins Center. Tenant, upon written notice from the Landlord, shall within five (5) days, furnish to the Landlord the automobile license numbers assigned to its cars and the cars of all of its employees. In the event that the Tenant or its employees fail to park their cars in designated parking areas as aforesaid, then the Landlord at its option may charge the Tenant and Tenant shall pay to Landlord as additional rent TEN AND N0/100 DOLLARS ($10.00) per day per car parked in any area other than those designated. In addition to the above, Landlord shall have the right to have any such vehicle of Tenant or its employees parked in violation of this provision towed from the Belt Collins Center premises and Tenant shall be liable to pay to Landlord upon demand as additional rent all costs incurred by Landlord in having the vehicle towed away, and Tenant shall indemnify and hold Landlord harmless from liability of any nature whatsoever, including costs and attorney’s fees, arising out of or connected with removal of any such vehicle.
Employee Parking. Management shall maintain, without charge, parking facilities at all Institutions.
Employee Parking. The Seattle Center shall continue its practice of providing parking without charge on a space available basis to Seattle Center employees covered by this Agreement who were in regular (as opposed to temporary) full- time or part-time status prior to November 4, 1987. Seattle Center employees who attain regular employment status following November 4, 1987 of this Agreement and who desire parking privileges shall pay Twenty Dollars ($20.00) a month for parking during working hours only, or Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) a month for parking during working hours and all other hours.
Employee Parking. In the event employees begin to incur expenses for parking in the future, the City and the Union agree to meet and confer on this provision of the Agreement to discuss the impact of said expenses.
Employee Parking. Landlord may designate what portions of the Common Area, if any, shall be used for automobile or other parking by Tenant and their employees, subtenants and licensees. Tenant shall require its employees, subtenants and licensees to park in such designated areas.
Employee Parking. Landlord may,, at Landlord's election, designate space for employee parking either within the Shopping Center parking area or in an area reasonably proximate to the Shopping Center, which may include areas on public' streets if allowed by the government entity having jurisdiction. Landlord may change such designated parking area from time to time. Tenant and its employees shall park their oars only in those portions of the parking areas, if any, designated for that purpose by Landlord. Tenant shall furnish Landlord with its employees' automobile license numbers within fifteen (IS) days after opening for business and Tenant shall thereafter notify Landlord of any changes within five (5) days after such change occurs. If Tenant or its employees fail to park their cars, in designated employee parking areas, Landlord may charge Tenant thirty dollars ($30.00).for each day or partial day for each car parked in any areas other man those so designated. Tenant hereby authorizes Landlord to tow away from the Shopping Center, at Tenant's expense, any improperly parked car or cars belonging to Tenant or Tenant's employees and/or to attach violation stickers or notices to such pars; provided, Landlord shall not be required to do so.