Leak test Sample Clauses

Leak test. A TPRD that has not undergone previous testing is tested at ambient, high and low temperatures without being subjected to other design qualification tests. The unit is held for one hour at each temperature and test pressure before testing. The three temperature test conditions are:
Leak test. Type CNG-4 designs shall be leak tested using the following procedure (or an acceptable alternative);
Leak test. (Also refer to cycle chart in Section 2 of this manual) NOTE: S-7 solenoid valve is used to control the waste water temperature below 140°F. S-7 will turn on any time it is necessary to cool the waste temperature.
Leak test. S9 will be intermittent while controlling the jacket temperature. S7 may be intermittent while control- ling the temperature of the waste water. The steril- izer will time for 10 minutes. At the end of 10 minutes S1 will turn on.
Leak test. After installation, charge system and test for leaks. Repair leaks and retest until no leaks exist.
Leak test. This is a standard leak test, and is used to verify the integrity of the sterilizer piping. Access the test by pressing LEAK TEST at screen #321. The control advances to the standard Leak Test. Once complete, the control returns to screen #321. CONTROL NOT CALIBRATED THE CONTROL HAS NOT BEEN FULLY CALIBRATED AFTER A MEMORY LOSS CONDITION. PLEASE CONTACT A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN TO HAVE THE UNIT CALIBRATED.

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  • Stability Testing Patheon may be requested to conduct stability testing on the Products in accordance with the protocols set out in the Specifications for the separate fees and during the time periods set out in Schedule C to a Product Agreement. Patheon will not make any changes to these testing protocols without prior written approval from Client. If a confirmed stability test failure occurs, Patheon will notify Client within one Business Day, after which Patheon and Client will jointly determine the proceedings and methods to be undertaken to investigate the cause of the failure, including which party will bear the cost of the investigation. Patheon will not be liable for these costs unless it has failed to perform the Manufacturing Services in accordance with the Specifications, cGMPs, and Applicable Laws. Patheon will give Client ail stability test data and results at Client’s request.

  • Random Testing Notwithstanding any provisions of the Collective Agreement or any special agreements appended thereto, section 4.6 of the Canadian Model will not be applied by agreement. If applied to a worker dispatched by the Union, it will be applied or deemed to be applied unilaterally by the Employer. The Union retains the right to grieve the legality of any imposition of random testing in accordance with the Grievance Procedure set out in this Collective Agreement.

  • Substance Abuse Testing The Parties agree that it is in the best interest of all concerned to promote a safe working environment. The Union has no objection to pre-employment substance abuse testing when required by the Employer and further, the Union has no objection to voluntary substance abuse testing to qualify for employment on projects when required by a project owner. The cost and scheduling of such testing shall be paid for and arranged by the Employer. The Union agrees to reimburse the Employer for any failed pre-access Alcohol and Drug test costs.

  • Repair Testing At the time of repair of a LIS trunk group, at no additional charge, tests will be performed to ensure that the service is operational and meets the applicable technical parameters.

  • Meter Testing Company shall provide at least twenty-four (24) hours' notice to Seller prior to any test it may perform on the revenue meters or metering equipment. Seller shall have the right to have a representative present during each such test. Seller may request, and Company shall perform, if requested, tests in addition to the every fifth-year test and Seller shall pay the cost of such tests. Company may, in its sole discretion, perform tests in addition to the fifth year test and Company shall pay the cost of such tests. If any of the revenue meters or metering equipment is found to be inaccurate at any time, as determined by testing in accordance with this Section 10.2 (Meter Testing), Company shall promptly cause such equipment to be made accurate, and the period of inaccuracy, as well as an estimate for correct meter readings, shall be determined in accordance with Section 10.3 (Corrections).

  • Follow-up Testing An employee shall submit to unscheduled follow-up drug and/or alcohol testing if, within the previous 24-month period, the employee voluntarily disclosed drug or alcohol problems, entered into or completed a rehabilitation program for drug or alcohol abuse, failed or refused a preappointment drug test, or was disciplined for violating the provisions of this Agreement and Employer work rules. The Employer may require an employee who is subject to follow-up testing to submit to no more than six unscheduled drug or alcohol tests within any 12 month period.

  • ODUF Testing 6.6.1 Upon request from TWTC, AT&T shall send ODUF test files to TWTC. The Parties agree to review and discuss the ODUF file content and/or format. For testing of usage results, AT&T shall request that TWTC set up a production (live) file. The live test may consist of TWTC’s employees making test calls for the types of services TWTC requests on ODUF. These test calls are logged by TWTC, and the logs are provided to AT&T. These logs will be used to verify the files. Testing will be completed within thirty (30) days from the date on which the initial test file was sent.

  • Drug Testing (A) The state and the PBA agree to drug testing of employees in accordance with section 112.0455, Florida Statutes, the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

  • Performance Testing 7.2.1 The Design-Builder shall direct and supervise the tests and, if necessary, the retests of the Plant using Design-Builder’s supervisory personnel and the Air Emissions Tester shall conduct the air emissions test, in each case, in accordance with the testing procedures set forth in Exhibit A (the “Performance Tests”), to demonstrate, at a minimum, compliance with the Performance Guarantee Criteria. Owner is responsible for obtaining Air Emissions Tester and for ensuring Air Emissions Tester’s timely performance. Design-Builder shall cooperate with the Air Emissions Tester to facilitate performance of all air emissions tests. Design-Builder shall not be held responsible for the actions of Owner’s employees and third parties involved in the Performance Testing, including but not limited to Air Emissions Tester.

  • Test The outer surface of the lamp lenses shall be subjected once or more than once to the action of the sand jet produced as described above. The jet shall be sprayed almost perpendicular to the surface to be tested. The deterioration shall be checked by means of one or more samples of glass placed as a reference near the lenses to be tested. The mixture shall be sprayed until the variation in the diffusion of light on the sample or samples measured by the method described in Appendix 2, is such that: Δ d = (T5 - T4) / T2 ≤ 0.0250 ± 0.0025 Several reference samples may be used to check that the whole surface to be tested has deteriorated homogeneously. Annex 6 - Appendix 4