Incomplete Sample Clauses

Incomplete. Indicates the student was unable to complete the course for a legitimate reason and thus a final grade cannot be determined. However, the grade of 'I' is calculated as a failing grade in the GPA until a final grade is submitted. All coursework for an incomplete must be finalized nolater than the mid-term of the following semester. A grade of 'F' will be recorded for any course not completed by the deadline.WF-Withdrawal FailingIndicates the student withdrew from the course either officially or unofficially and was not earning a passing grade at the time of the withdrawal. A grade of 'WF' is calculated as failing into the GPA.WP-Withdrawal PassingAwarded when a student officially withdraws from a course on or before the withdrawal date indicated in the academic calendar and is earning a passing grade at the time of the withdrawal. After the withdrawal date, a grade of WF will be assigned regardless of the student's performance in the course.The grade point average is used to determine Wofford students’ status regarding graduation, honors, the Dean’s List, and academic standing. The calculation of the GPA includes only the grades recorded on work graded 'A-F' and taken at Wofford, as part of Wofford-related foreign study programs, or when participating in the cross-registration program with Converse College or USC-Upstate.Pass/Fail CoursesThe second system is the Pass/Fail System used for most Interim projects and for Physical Education and Honors courses. These types of grades are not used in calculating the GPA, but do count in the hours earned for graduation purposes.H-HonorsThe student completed a pass/fail course with honors. N-IncompleteThe grade of 'N' is used only rarely for Interim work, and then only with the expectation that it will be in effect for no longer than one week after the end of the Interim, by which time all work should be completed and final evaluation made. A grade of 'U' or failure will be recorded for any course that has not been completed by the deadline. This grade is also used in pass/fail courses.U-FailureIndicates the student did not complete satisfactory work in an Interim or pass/fail course.WS-Withdrawal SatisfactoryAwarded when a student officially withdraws from a pass/fail course or Interim course on or before the withdrawal date indicated in the academic calendar and is passing at the time of the withdrawal.WU-Withdrawal UnsatisfactoryIndicates the student withdrew from a pass/fail course either officially or unofficial...
Incomplete. There are many reasons a student could receive an incomplete. A determination of an Incomplete grade in a course will be suggested and agreed upon by the parent, teacher, and principal.NG (No Grade)A teacher assigns an N when a student has missed a significant number of days affecting the teacher’s ability to accurately report any measurable data.It is recognized that students attending school within the Scio School District may not be evaluated by the same criteria according to an individual education plan. In order to accurately record and report student progress, the following guidelines will be used by the staff of Scio Middle School:Students in grades 6-8 having approved IEP's (Individual Educational Programs) or who are in a remedial program will receive a pass/no pass grade in classes specific to the IEP. Students who are on an IEP will not be graded down when receiving modified instruction which covers district approved standards that are below the student’s grade level. Students to be evaluated using modified standards will also receive a supplemental progress report from their teacher(s) on a district-approved form. The form will indicate the student's achievement in a relationship to his/her own program, as well as effort, study, work habits, and attitudes.Harassment/Hazing/Intimidation/Menacing/BullyingHazing, harassment, intimidation, menacing or bullying by students, parents or third parties is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated in the district. Report bullying to a teacher, staff member, the principal, or the office. To report while not at school call or text 844-472-3367 or 844-4-SAFE-OR.Harassment, intimidation, and bullying may include acts based on the protected class status of a person. “Protected class” means a group of persons distinguished, by race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, and familial status, source of income or disability. Students whose behavior is found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion. The district may also file a request with the Oregon Department of transportation to suspend the driving privileges or the right to apply for driving privileges of a student 15 years of age or older who has been suspended or expelled at least twice for menacing another student or employee, willful damage or injury to district property or for the use of threats, intimidation, harassment or coercion. Parents or third parties wh...
Incomplete. A grade of I is given to a student who has not completed the requirements for a course in a timely fashion but has arranged with the instructor to do so within no more than six calendar months from the last day of exams for the applicable semester. A grade of Incomplete shall only be given in extraordinary circumstances. After six months, an unresolved I becomes an F (0.000). At no time does an I confer credit for a course.P = PassingEligible courses will be graded on a pass/fail basis. A grade of P is given to any student who passes a pass/fail course. This grade confers credit but is not calculated in the grade average.W = WithdrawalA grade of W is posted on the transcript whenever a student withdraws from a course prior to the deadline to drop a course. The W grade confers no credit and is not calculated in the grade average.AW = Absence WithdrawalA grade of AW is posted on the transcript whenever a student is withdrawn from a course for excessive absences. The AW grade confers no credit but is calculated into the grade average in the same way as an F (0.000).WD = Withdrawal from UniversityA notation of WD denotes an administrative withdrawal from the University (from all courses), instigated by the University, prior to the conference of a grade in any course. The WD grade confers no credit and is not calculated in the grade average.X = A notation of X is posted on the transcript if the student, through no fault of his or her own, has not yet received a grade for a course. This notation covers unforeseeable circumstances unrelated to the student. The X notation does not confer credit for the course and is not calculated in the grade point average.AU = AuditA notation of AU denotes an official audit of the course. No credit is awarded nor is a grade assigned. 4) Pass/Fail GradingAny course in which letter grades are not expected to be given will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Students who pass the course receive a P for the course. Students who fail the course receive an F (0.000). A failing grade will be calculated as part of a student’s grade point average.
Incomplete not submitted to the coalition
Incomplete applications cannot be considered. The applicant will be notified of the reason(s) that their application is considered incomplete. The applicantwill remain responsible for complying with all application requirements including completion of the application by the deadline. Any application that is not complete by the application deadline will be declared void and the CNBT Administrator will notify the applicant that they have been withdrawn fromthe application process.
Incomplete. TSI Contractor has not provided all content or information required in respect of the Submittal or subject provisions thereof, provided that SRTA assumes no duty, obligation or liability regarding completeness or correctness of any Submittal, including a Submittal that is to be delivered to a Governmental Entity as a proposed Governmental Approval, or in order to obtain, modify, amend, supplement, renew, extend, waive or carry out a Governmental Approval;
Incomplete. Indicates that the student has not completed course requirements. Course work must be completed within two weeks to avoid receipt of a failing grade. All incomplete grades will default to a 59% immediately following the 6th school day of the previous 9 weeks grading period.M - MEDICAL EXCUSEIndicates withdrawal from course due to medical reasons.F/W - WITHDRAWALIndicates course withdrawal after an established time limit. Course failure.P/F - PASS OR FAILIndicates that a student has passed or failed a course.NE - NOT ENROLLEDIndicates that a student is not enrolled in the subject during the grading period. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTSStudents must successfully earn a total of 25 credits required during Grades 9-12. Students must also score proficient on Keystone Exams. Students who do not satisfy credit requirements will not receive a diploma nor be permitted to participate in the Commencement Program. For all students’ grades 9-12, specific course requirements are listed in the Program of Studies. Students who complete their senior year but fail to meet the graduation requirements, as presented in the Program of Studies Booklet, can receive their diploma upon successful completion of required course(s) as approved by the Counseling Office/Administration. Diplomas are not issued to students who successfully pass a G.E.D. test. The diploma will not be issued prior to the scheduled graduation date of the student's class. Students need to earn a minimum of 6.25 credits per year for grade level promotion. CLASS OF 2023 & BEYONDFor students graduating in 2023 and beyond, the following options exist to meet the statewide graduation requirement:● KEYSTONE PROFICIENCY PATHWAY:Scoring Proficient or Advanced on each Keystone Exam - Algebra I, Literature, and Biology.● KEYSTONE COMPOSITE PATHWAY:Earning a satisfactory composite score of 4452 on the Algebra I, Literature, and Biology Keystone Exams (while achieving a Proficient or Advanced score on at least one of the three exams and no less than a Basic score on the remaining two).● CTE PATHWAY:For Career and Technical Education (CTE) Concentrators, successful completion of locally established grade-based requirements for academic content areas associated with each Keystone Exam on which the student did not achieve proficiency and attainment of anindustry-based competency certification related to the CTE Concentrator's program of study or demonstration of a high likelihood of success on an approved industry-based competenc...
Incomplete. Permit Applications
Incomplete. With the permission of the Dean of Instruction, a grade of Incomplete (“I”) may be assigned when a student’s work in a course is incomplete because of circumstances beyond the student’s control, but is otherwise of passing quality. An Incomplete (“I”) grade does not count toward course work completed and is not counted as course work attempted. Therefore, the Incomplete (“I”) grade does not negatively impact on the incremental measurement of progress. Although the Incomplete (“I”) grade is NOT counted in hours earned or attempted, the grade that replaces the “I” is counted in both hours earned and attempted, once the “I” is removed.