Implementation Team Sample Clauses

Implementation Team. The Implementation Team to be formed pursuant to Article XVIII shall develop cooperative procedures for implementing the terms of this Article XVI. The Parties, through the Implementation Team, shall develop mutually agreeable intervals for completion of process steps in providing CLEC access to CBT's Structure and appropriate penalties for failure to timely complete process steps for which fixed or negotiated intervals have been assigned. CBT will provide CLEC with access to information regarding the provision of access to CBT's Structure which will be sufficient for CLEC to verify that CBT is providing CLEC with access to its Structure that is comparable to that provided by CBT to itself, its subsidiaries, affiliates and other persons requesting access to CBT's Structure.
Implementation Team. The Parties understand that the arrangements and provision of services described in this Agreement shall require technical and operational coordination between the Parties. The Parties further agree that it is not feasible for this Agreement to set forth each of the applicable and necessary procedures, guidelines, specifications and standards that will promote the Parties’ provision of Telecommunications Services to their respective Customers. Accordingly, the Parties agree to form a team (the “Implementation Team”) which shall develop and identify those processes, guidelines, specifications, standards and additional terms and conditions necessary for the provision of the services and the specific implementation of each Party’s obligations hereunder. Within five (5) days after the Effective Date, each Party shall designate, in writing, its representative on the Implementation Team; provided that either Party may include in meetings or activities such technical specialists or other individuals as may be reasonably required to address a specific task, matter or subject. Each Party may replace its representative on the Implementation Team by delivering written notice thereof to the other Party.
Implementation Team. The Grantee agrees to promptly assemble a competent implementation team, if they have not already, to assist the Grantee in working with the Grantee's partners and collaborators and coordinating all phases of the development process. HUD reserves the right to require a Grantee to procure program management services from an independent private entity.
Implementation Team. 5.1 The Parties agree to establish an Implementation Team within thirty (30) days of approval of this Agreement by the Commission. The purpose of the Team will be to identify and develop supplemental processes, operational procedures, and guidelines to implement the terms of this Agreement.
Implementation Team. 10.1 The Project Manager and other officers of the Implementation Team will be appointed by the Lead Partner in accordance with the proposed management structure and any variation thereof agreed from time to time by the Board.
Implementation Team. 30.1 The parties agree to establish an Implementation Team within 30 days of approval of this agreement by the Commission. The purpose of the Team will be to ensure that the parties share a mutual understanding about ACS-ANC’s processes, operational procedures, and guidelines necessary to implement the terms of this Agreement.
Implementation Team. The Implementation Team will report to the RPC. It will work directly with Indigenous organisations, service agencies, employer groups and Governments to deliver the key outcomes of the Agreement. The Implementation Team will consist of Australian and WA Government representatives. Additional membership will be drawn from the RPC. Membership is not fixed but flexible so that those involved are those needed to complete relevant tasks. The Implementation Team will: • gain support and assistance for the implementation of the projects; • negotiate, where appropriate, Government wide positions and perspectives to ensure that future policy development is synergistic with the Agreement and vice versa; • manage the implementation of the projects and associated activities under the Agreement; • ensure that information and communication flows are effective; • maximise linkages between this, other RPAs, SRAs and any other strategies and agreements which may subsequently be developed in the region; • report on a quarterly basis to the RPC; and • provide support to the Manager of the South Hedland ICC and the Regional Manager of DIA in coordinating outcomes and gathering data associated with the Agreement. REGIONAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT 5