Hydro Sample Clauses

Hydro. 9.1 The Owner shall contact Westario Power Holdings Inc. for purposes of finalizing any arrangement with regard to hydro services for the subject lands. The Owner shall be responsible for providing verification, in writing, to the Corporation from Westario Power Holdings Inc. that it has arranged for adequate and appropriate hydro services at the Owner’s expense for the subject lands. The issuance of a building permit for the development shall be conditional upon this aforementioned verification.
Hydro. The replacement lands offered by B.C. Hydro will be adjacent to DL 7119 to the extent such lands are available to B.C. Hydro on commercially reasonable terms. At the request of B.C. Hydro, the Province will make reasonable efforts to make available lands contiguous to DL 71 19 for purchase by B.C. Hydro at fair market value for the purpose of the land exchange contemplated hereby.
Hydro. The Second Party hereby releases the First Party, its successors and assigns, and the respective directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives of the First Party and its successors and assigns (each, a "First Party Beneficiary"), from any such cost, expense, loss, injury, harm, liability or damages, whether or not the same arises or results from or is caused by any negligence of such First Party Beneficiary.
Hydro. If a Participant releases water from the BPA Mica Treaty Storage Account or transfers water from such account to another Storage Account, then it shall pay to Bonneville the service charges which Bonneville is obligated to pay to B.C. Hydro pursuant to Section 12(a) of Exhibit A for each kilowatthour of energy generated at B.C. Projects and returned to Bonneville or the energy equivalent of the water so transferred. The Participant or Participants so releasing or transferring water shall pay Bonneville the amount Bonneville owes B.C. Hydro, pursuant to Section 12(a) of Exhibit A, 5 days before the date Bonneville's payment to B.C. Hydro is due.
Hydro. It is the responsibility of the seasonal campers to pay their hydro expenses (usage plus the hydro service charge) within thirty days of invoice date. All invoices will be emailed to residents and available for pick up at the park office. All campers must put down a hydro deposit of $200.00 each spring which is applied to your fall bill. Any electrical modifications must be completed by an approved electrician and approved by the park BEFORE the work is to start.