BODY CORPORATE. 18.1. The Purchaser will become a member of the Body Corporate and become obliged to comply with all the obligations imposed upon him by the Rules, the STA and the STSMA, from the Transfer Date.
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BODY CORPORATE the Body Corporate of the development scheme as referred to in section 2(1) of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, Act 8 of 2011, provided that the functions of the Body Corporate will be administered by the Seller in terms of the Sectional Titles Act (and who is authorised to appoint a managing agent for the interim) until the Body Corporate is formed.
BODY CORPORATE. 18.1 The Purchaser agrees that -
BODY CORPORATE. 14.1 The Seller must ensure that prior to Settlement the Community Management Statement recorded for the Scheme is generally substantially similar to the Community Management Statement contained in the Disclosure Statement, subject to changes allowed under this Contract.
BODY CORPORATE. 18.1. The Body Corporate of the Scheme shall be established in terms of Section 36 of the STA and Section 2 of the STSMA.
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BODY CORPORATE. The Purchaser shall be liable for levies and costs of electricity, effluent, water and gas (if applicable) from the Occupation Date or Transfer, whichever is the earlier, which amounts shall be payable monthly in advance on the first day of every month.
BODY CORPORATE. 18.1 The PURCHASER records that he is aware that upon transfer of the UNIT into his name, he will become a member of the Body Corporate established for the DEVELOPMENT SCHEME, and the PURCHASER agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Body Corporate as established by law and/or determined or established by the SELLER.
BODY CORPORATE. The Body Corporate referred to in Section 36 of the Act established in respect of the buildings;
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