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  • Catering The IU Auditorium staff may suggest caterers for your event; however, the Licensee will be responsible for paying all catering costs in a timely manner. All caterers in the IU Auditorium must be pre-approved by IU Auditorium Management and possess all valid Indiana licenses for food service and the service of alcoholic beverages (if applicable). The caterer must carry commercial general and auto liability insurance, including a products-completed operations endorsement, with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate. If alcohol is being served the caterer must also carry dram shop liability with minimum limits of $3,000,000. Licensee must be in compliance with all other university regulations regarding food service including, but not limited to, completing the University Office of Environmental Health & Safety’s Temporary Food Service application, if necessary. Also, “The Trustees of Indiana University, its officers, agents and employees” must be named as an additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance for both Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability coverage. The Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to Indiana University for review and approval at least fourteen (14) working days prior to the scheduled date of the event. If Licensee’s vendor/caterer fails to comply with any of the requirements described in this section, the vendor/caterer will not be permitted to serve food or alcohol at the Event and Licensor shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by Licensee or Licensee’s subcontractors as a result of such cancellation. Stage Labor IU Auditorium has an agreement with IATSE Local 618 to provide audio services for all functions in IU Auditorium facilities. Sound and/or lighting requirements must be communicated in writing to the Auditorium Management a minimum of one week before the scheduled event. Sound System If the Licensee has contracted for audio services through another agent (band, outside company, etc.), IU Auditorium reserves the right to assign a member of IATSE Local 618 to be present for the event, in accordance with the governing labor agreement. Box Office Charges IU Auditorium reserves the right to provide ticketing services for all public and private events held at IU Auditorium. All customary charges, including credit card commissions, ticket printing, outlet, and phone commissions are included in the daily facility fee. The final decision as to when tickets will go on sale will be made by the Auditorium Director of Ticketing and Sales in cooperation with Ticketmaster and the Licensee. Facility Fee IU Auditorium collects a facility fee from each ticket sale for any event held at IU Auditorium and places it into a special reserve account. Funds in this account are used for facility capital purchases and improvements. The funds are also used to cover the costs of extraordinary repairs and maintenance. This fee is $3.50 for events where the top ticket price is $15.01 or higher. The fee is $2.50 for events where the top ticket price is $15.00 or lower. Pre-box Ticket Sales IU departments or organizations must first complete a Revenue Producing Activity training before pre-box tickets may be sold by any members of the organization. Non-IU departments or organizations may only sell pre-box tickets using cash or check.

  • Sites The School shall provide educational services, including the delivery of instruction, at the following location(s): School Name (Grades) School Address City, State Zip The School shall ensure the Facilities meet the charter school facilities standards in Section 22- 8B-4.2(A, C, D) XXXX 0000, and shall ensure that the facilities comply with all applicable federal, state and local health and safety standards and other applicable laws, regulations and rules. The School shall provide the Lease(s) or Lease Purchase Agreement(s) for all facilities, which is attached to this contract as Attachment J incorporated herein by reference,

  • Switching All of the negotiated rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Section pertain to the provision of local and tandem switching.

  • Workshops The parties shall make every reasonable effort to notify each other of any pertinent conferences, workshops, or seminars in which District staff may be eligible to participate. Such notification is to be sent, if possible, prior to the scheduled beginning date of the conference, workshop or seminar.

  • Related Services a) Customized Routing

  • Access Toll Connecting Trunk Group Architecture 8.2.1 If Reconex chooses to subtend a Verizon access Tandem, Reconex’s NPA/NXX must be assigned by Reconex to subtend the same Verizon access Tandem that a Verizon NPA/NXX serving the same Rate Center subtends as identified in the LERG.

  • Infrastructure (a) Each Loan Party has and will maintain a sufficient infrastructure to conduct its business as presently conducted and as contemplated to be conducted following its execution of this Agreement.

  • Structures Airport facilities such as bridges; culverts; catch basins, inlets, retaining walls, cribbing; storm and sanitary sewer lines; water lines; underdrains; electrical ducts, manholes, handholes, lighting fixtures and bases; transformers; flexible and rigid pavements; navigational aids; buildings; vaults; and, other manmade features of the airport that may be encountered in the work and not otherwise classified herein. 10-50 SUBGRADE. The soil which forms the pavement foundation.

  • Metering The Interconnection Customer shall be responsible for the Connecting Transmission Owner’s reasonable and necessary cost for the purchase, installation, operation, maintenance, testing, repair, and replacement of metering and data acquisition equipment specified in Attachments 2 and 3 of this Agreement. The Interconnection Customer’s metering (and data acquisition, as required) equipment shall conform to applicable industry rules and Operating Requirements.

  • Locations The office where each Borrower keeps its books, records and accounts (or copies thereof) concerning the Collateral, each Borrower's principal place of business and all of each Borrower's other places of business, locations of Collateral and post office boxes and locations of bank accounts are as set forth in Exhibit A and at other locations within the continental United States of which Lender has been advised by a Borrower in accordance with subsection 12(b)(i). The Collateral, including, without limitation, the Equipment (except any part thereof which a Borrower shall have advised Lender in writing consists of Collateral normally used in more than one state) is kept, or, in the case of vehicles, based, only at the addresses set forth on Exhibit A, and at other locations within the continental United States of which Lender has been advised by a Borrower in writing in accordance with subsection 12(b)(i) hereof.