OUTSIDE Sample Clauses

OUTSIDE. All hours that an employee is authorized or required to work in excess of eight (8) hours in any one (1) day or shift or in excess of forty (40) hours in any work-week shall be considered overtime and paid at the rates established below.
OUTSIDE. Rugs, mops, rags and dusters shall not be shaken out of windows, doors. or in common areas of the residential property. Nothing shall be thrown from or placed on or hung on or affixed to the inside or outside of windows, doors, balconies. or the exterior parts of the building. Awnings, aerials and cables or wires shall not be installed on the residential property. Barbecues shall not be used on or in the premises without the prior written consent of the landlord. No bicycles or barbecues shall be stored on the balconies.
OUTSIDE. To the front of the property, and formerly being number 1, is a large Garden with a further gravelled area fenced off and gated for car parking. To the side of the property, is a former pig sty building and beyond that, a concreted area containing two timber sheds used for general storage. To the rear of the property, and being formerly number 2, is a small gravelled area accessed via a wooden gate directly from the old A5. The woodland beyond is being marketed separately but is available by negotiation. If sold separately, alternative access has been created from the north so as not to impact the occupier of 1 & 2 Blue Bell. SERVICES: We are advised by our client that mains water and electricity are connected. The central heating is oil fired. The property is connected to private drainage and septic tank but please note, the Septic Tank is not being included within this sale and so prospective purchasers would need to install their own, independent system. Subject to legal confirmation, this system may need to be accessed by a 3rd party subject to agreement. ENERGY PERFORMANCE RATING:
OUTSIDE. CAMP ACCOMMODATIONS - W here no camp is provided, an employee who is directed to the job by the Company, and referred by the Union, whose permanent residence is located outside ninety (90) road kilometers from the limits of the job, will receive board/travel allowance.
OUTSIDE. The property is approached via a set of gated brick pillars over a private driveway flanked by lawned gardens which leads to a car parking and turning area next to the house and where access can be gained to a detached double garage. The primary gardens lie to the front and are predominantly lawned with areas of mature shrub borders, interspersed with a variety of ornamental trees. The Farm Buildings The buildings lie to the South and enjoy a separate access from the public highway and are serviced by concrete yards. The buildings comprise a comprehensive range of modern portal frame covered yards and can be more particularly defined as follows:- General Purpose Building (30.43m x 28.8m) of steel frame construction under a fibre cement roof with part block and part space board elevations containing seven new and unused American box stables. Five Bay Covered Yard (25.49m x 21.05m) of similar construction. Adjoining to the rear is a (24.82m x 6.23m) Sheep Shed and lean-to Loose House (25.41m x 3.6m).
OUTSIDE. The School District reserves the right to fill any position with an outside applicant if internal candidates do not have the needed qualifications for the position or if no internal candidates apply.
OUTSIDE. (i) Where an employee is authorized or required to work outside his normally scheduled work-day or shift, for one or two days/shifts, he shall be paid one and one-half times (1½x) his regular rate for all hours worked. However, upon completing two (2) days/shifts, the employee shall be paid, in addition to the regular rate, a shift differential of sixty cents (60c/ ) for each hour worked between the end of the regular work-day and 12:00 midnight, and seventy cents (70c/ ) per hour for each hour worked between 12:00 midnight and the time of the commencement of the regular work-day.
OUTSIDE. INSIDE TELEPHONE WIRING: Telephone companies (telcos) are currently transmitting video and other high data rage signals over the twisted pair wires that define the "subscriber loop" reaching from the telcos' central switching office to their subscribers. Devices that fall within the bounds of the "technology definition" can also be used to transmit signals to the subscribers from some point on the subscriber loop located between the central switching office and the residence. One version of this technology is known as ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line). At the subscriber's residence, these types of signals can flow from the outside wiring to the inside wiring, and in the opposite direction. Inline retains the specific and exclusive right, under its patents, to build, sell, and use, electronic receivers that connect to internal wiring to receive signals that were last transmitted (i.e. processed electronically) at a pont outside the residence and removed from the subscriber's property. Inline retains the same rights for signals that are transmitted inside the residence and received at an outside point that is removed from the subscriber's property. Communication of any signal between two devices that are located at points inside or immediately adjacent to the residence and embody principles that fall within the "technology definition" shall be within the scope of the License granted and subject to the terms of this agreement.
OUTSIDE. All electrical work from the transformer (base located transformers), including the installation of the transformer itself, to and including the substation. When the wind turbine is designed with the transformer mounted within the structure (mounted at the top of the wind turbine), the Outside branch will have jurisdiction from the first connect location outside the confines of the wind turbine, to and including the substation. The Outside branch will set the wind turbine tower and do all work related to the construction of the base.