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Homepage. Allows you to view the following components of your medical record. Here you can also make suggestions on how we can improve our site. Messages: Allows you to send and receive secure email to/from your physician(s). *Note: This option is only available if your physician(s) have opted to use this functionality within our Patient Portal. Use of this is very similar to standard email. You can also select “Contact Us” to send a message regarding the functionality of this component.
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Homepage. The homepage intends to highlight the three market sectors that are the focus of MULTI-STR3AM: food, feed and fragrance. It also brings the logos of the Horizon 2020, European Commission and BBI JU, to explicit the funding source for the development of the project. Figure 2: MULTI-STR3AM Homepage. At the up-right corner, it is located the “login” button, where all partners can access the database with the project files. Also, at the bottom of the homepage it is possible to subscribe to the newsletter, which will be sent every three months to all subscribers during the duration of the project.
Homepage. Homepage" shall mean a Web Site developed by or on -------- behalf of an End User which is primarily developed and used for non-commercial purposes.
Homepage. This feature defines the view the user is presented with upon logging into the platform.
Homepage. This section contains a slideshow with an introduction to the project. A block hosts the last articles written by the ESRs or by the Dissemination manager (including events, media, latest news). The primary goal of the Home section is to provide a quick overview of the project. A screen capture of the home page is shown in the figure on the right.
Homepage. Allows you to view the following components of your medical record. Here you can also make suggestions on how we can improve our site. Please use the contact at the bottom of the page. Or you may send an e‐mail to XXX_XxxxxxXxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx. For privacy concerns, please contact Winneshiek Medical Center’s Privacy Officer at 563‐387‐3106.
Homepage. The homepage is designed to convey the 3 fundamental messages of the project: • “Electric losses balancing through integrated storage and power electronics towards increased synergy between railways and electricity distribution networks” • “An innovative Railway to Grid Management System to reduce electric losses in both the power distribution network and the light railway network” • “A real time analysis of energy losses to optimise the interexchange of electricity between railways and electricity distribution networks” The navigation through the homepage sections can be performed through a bar menu or through a lateral dot navigation bar according to the device. The website homepage represents an attractive showcase for the project and a tool for the effective dissemination of the latest project news, events and public reports. After a slider containing three captivating images showing the Metro of Madrid, users can navigate a section that links to 3 key-pages of E-LOBSTER website: Concept & Objectives, Results & Public Reports and News & Events. The fundamental numbers of the project (partners, countries involved, months and funding) are presented through a dynamic counter that immediately attracts the users’ attention. Moreover, the homepage includes the web form to subscribe to the project newsletter, carefully highlighted thanks to the colours in order to make it as more visible as possible for the website visitors. In the following screenshot, an overview of the Homepage is provided. 3 xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx/statistics/433871/daily-social-media-usage-worldwide/
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Homepage. The Homepage aims to provide an overview of the project, including the most important information including latest news, social media activity, upcoming events, in a single web page. At the initial stage of the website, the Homepage contains the following sections:
Homepage. Allows you to view the following components of your medical record. Here you can also make suggestions on how we can improve our site. Patient Portal.
Homepage. The homepage of the PASTEUR4OA website is shown as follows: The structure of the website reflects its objectives as follows:
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