European Commission Sample Clauses

European Commission. All required approvals of the European Commission applicable to the Transaction under the EC Merger Regulations shall have been obtained or the waiting period thereunder shall have expired.
European Commission. Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development Public awareness and education for development in Europe Reference: EuropeAid/127765/C/ACT/Multi Over time a web of enormous complexity has been woven around seeds and plant reproduction organs, trapping farmers in a tangle of decrees, laws, directives and conventions. Farmers are denied their say in the incomprehensible regulations affecting their right to produce, multiply, use, exchange and sell the seeds of plants cultivated in their own fields. While the market is becoming globalised and industrial concentration is consolidating the monopoly over the food industry into the hands of a small number of multinationals, industrialised countries’ suffocating regulations are spreading across the developing world. Press march 2011 ISBN : 979-10-90141-00-1 How do international regulations affect farmer seeds? What are the threats to farmers’ rights over their seeds, the foundation of food sovereignty? This dossier aims to shed some light on these questions.
European Commission. 2021). Countries and Regions: The Philippines. Retrieved from
European Commission. The European Commission is an important stakeholder in the outcomes of the LoCloud project and represents both an opportunity to disseminate project outcomes to policy makers, and also provide dissemination channels to related projects funded by the programme. The European Commission, its staff and news channels are likely to be interested in news about: • the results and outcomes of the project; • delivery of content to Europeana; • standards and guidelines; • evaluation of the results. The LoCloud project will aim to take advantage of opportunities to present the outcomes at events organised by the European Commission. The LoCloud team will take part in collaborative events organised by the European Commission to share results with other funded projects. These will be also reached through direct contacts, participation in international events and other dissemination channels (see section 6).
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European Commission. 2016. Impact Assessment: Sustainability of Bioenergy. Accompanying the document Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (recast). Brussels. At 11e6-9e3c-01aa75ed71a1.0001.02/DOC_1&format=PDF
European Commission. Second consumer market study on the functioning of the retail electricity markets for consumers in the EU, 2017, p. 384.
European Commission. Second consumer market study on the functioning of the retail electricity markets for consumers in the EU, 2017, p. 201. Stalling the switch | 6 Stalling the switch | 7 BARRIER #3Complex and bundled energy offers Energy offers are reaching a level of complexity that is confusing even for an energy market expert. Services bundled into the energy offer, such as insurance or telecom services, and discounts are increasingly used and provide complex pricing structures that are hard for consumers to compare when they are searching for a better deal. Energy regulators in Europe (CEER) have acknowledged that bundled services are expected to become a bigger problem in the future, and that they represent a challenge to comparison tools.11 Similarly, the European Network of Energy Ombudsmen has said that the challenges of bundled offers still need to be understood properly.12 PTIn Portugal, the consumer organisation DECO reports that Mr. Gomes paid for a new service to repair appli-ances through his energy retailer for an extra €7.50 per month. When his washing machine broke down, he tried to use the repair service but after several no-shows from the technician, Mr Gomes tried to cancel the service. The company refused, claiming the contract was valid for 12 months. When Mr Gomes received his energy bill, he refused to pay for the bundled energy and repair service. His energy was cut off three weeks later.✗ DEConsumer federation vzbv says that, in Germany, suppliers frequently offer welcome bonuses or temporarydiscounts to attract as many customers as possible. Low prices in the first year are usually compensated by higher prices in the second year. Suppliers tend to concentrate on consumers who don’t switch and refuse those who have switched suppliers recently.✗ BEUC policy recommendations• Make it possible for consumers to easily compare bundled offers and different services within bundled offers, including via comparison tools.• Require that suppliers give final customers the possibility to cancel or switch individual parts of the bundled contract to prevent lock-in situations when one service is renewed and it automatically renews the other services in the bundle.• Require unusual conditions including discounts to be identified and highlighted in comparison tools and offers.• If the contract includes a future change of product or price or a discount, this should be indicated on the bill together with the date when the change takes place. A separate notification a...