Fund Sample Clauses

Fund. Upon receipt of the Net Deposit, Principal Life will establish, under this Agreement, a bookkeeping account in the name of the Agreement Holder, which will evidence Principal Life’s obligations under this Agreement. The Deposit deemed received (as specified in the Annex), (i) less any withdrawals to make payments hereunder and (ii) plus any interest accrued and premium, if any, pursuant to Section 7, will be referred to as the “Fund”. Principal Life is neither a trustee nor a fiduciary with respect to the Fund.
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Fund. Any Person (other than a natural person) that is (or will be) engaged in making, purchasing, holding or otherwise investing in commercial loans and similar extensions of credit in the ordinary course of its business.
Fund related materials prepared by DDLP and designated for internal use only (subject to the terms and conditions established from time to time by DDLP); and (e) prompt notice of the issuance by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") of any stop order suspending the effectiveness of the Registration Statement of any Fund, or the initiation of any proceedings for that purpose.
Fund. This Agreement shall automatically terminate upon its assignment (as that term is defined in the 1940 Act). Any notice under this Agreement shall be given in writing, addressed and delivered, or mailed postage prepaid, to the other party at the main office of such party.
Fund. You agree to waive payment of any amounts payable to you by us under a Fund's Plan until such time as we are in receipt of such fee from the Fund. The provisions of the Plans between the Plan Funds and us shall control over the provisions of this Agreement in the event of any inconsistency.
Fund. 4. A Performance-Linked Career Progress Fund shall be established and shall be distributed on the basis of Annual Performance Evaluations of each Member in accord with the Article Annual Performance Evaluation.
Fund. Fund means all of the money, securities, debt instruments and other property which may be transferred, assigned and delivered to the Custodian from time to time to be held in custody hereunder in the Custodial Account, together with the investments made with them, the proceeds received from them, and the gains and accumulations on them, and the portion thereof from time to time remaining, to be held and disposed of by the Custodian (without distinction between principal and interest) in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Agreement and proper directions received by the Custodian. High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). An HDHP is a health plan that provides self only or Family medical coverage and that has a minimum annual deductible and an annual out-of-pocket maximum (deductibles, co-payments and other amounts, but not premiums) that meet IRS limitations for self-only or Family medical coverage, as applicable, in order to qualify as a “high” deductible health plan. These limits are subject to cost-of-living adjustments each calendar year. Limits for the current year may be found at or in IRS Publication 969. Instruction. An Instruction to the Custodian is any oral, written or electronic direction given in a form and manner required or accepted by the Custodian. The Custodian may require that any Instruction be in writing or in an electronic format, and may recognize standing requests, directions, or requisitions as Instructions. Qualified Medical Expenses. Qualified Medical Expenses are amounts paid for medical care as defined in Section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code for the Account Owner, his or her spouse, or tax dependents, but only to the extent that such amounts are not compensated for by insurance or otherwise. With certain exceptions, health insurance premiums are not Qualified Medical Expenses. Regulations. Regulations mean the U.S. Treasury Regulations. Self-Only Coverage and Family Coverage. Under an HDHP. Family medical coverage means coverage that is not self-only coverage.
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Fund. Fund represents and warrants to Transfer Agent that:
Fund. 16.3.1 The Fund will be set at point six of one percent (0.6%) of faculty salary for each institution.
Fund. Accountant shall notify the Trust should any of its insurance coverage be canceled or reduced. Such notification shall include the date of change and the reasons therefor. Fund Accountant shall notify the Trust of any material claims against it with respect to services performed under this Agreement, whether or not they may be covered by insurance, and shall notify the Trust from time to time as may be appropriate of the total outstanding claims made by Fund Accountant under its insurance coverage.
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