Xxxxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxxxxx. 5.02 On any line job where three (3) or more Journeyman are employed, a Xxxxxxx shall be designated by the Employer. Employers under this Agreement shall not be restricted from assigning work to Xxxxxxx; when such practices are permitted in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between any IBEW Local Union and the utility customer.
Xxxxxxx. 9A.01 When a xxxxxxx is appointed by the employer to supervise a crew of ten (10) or more employees, they will be paid a minimum premium of ten percent (10%) of base rate and holiday and vacation allowance.
Xxxxxxx. 22.01 The Employer shall choose a Working Xxxxxxx belonging to the bargaining unit, and on site for the duration of the job provided there is more than four (4) employees working in the same location for the same customer and provided that the job is in excess of seven (7) days in duration. That Xxxxxxx shall be paid an additional two dollar ($2.00) per hour.
Xxxxxxx. Where it is agreed between the Employer and the Business Agent of the Local Union because of specific conditions existing on a job or project that no Teamster Xxxxxxx is required under the provisions of Clause XXII, a Working Xxxxxxx may be required. When an Owner Operator/Dependent Contractor is designated as a Working Xxxxxxx, his all found rate shall be increased by the appropriate Xxxxxxx'x increase.
Xxxxxxx. On jobs where 6 or more Carpenters or Millwrights are employed on a job, the Employer shall designate one as xxxxxxx. No Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx shall have more than 20 men under his/her supervision. When 3 xxxxxxxxx foremen are employed the 4th shall be a general xxxxxxx. When an employer employs a General Xxxxxxx on a job, he/she shall receive the amount specified in the wage/fringe schedule.
Xxxxxxx. Definition A Xxxxxxx shall be a member of the Union. Responsibilities A Xxxxxxx'x responsibilities include the following: - to ensure the efficient and effective deployment of the work force - to monitor that objectively reasonable standards of workmanship and performance are maintained by the work force - to ensure that the employees are informed of and adhere to the applicable technical standards - to provide leadership and supervision - to administer such authority as is delegated from management, including the administration of discipline to employees, up to and including the authority to issue verbal warnings.
Xxxxxxx. When two to four EMPLOYEES are employed on a job one EMPLOYEE will be designated xxxxxxx and shall receive $.50 above the then current highest rate on the job. When there are five or more EMPLOYEES on a job the xxxxxxx shall receive $1.00 above the then current highest rate on the job.
Xxxxxxx. The Electronics Xxxxxxx shall be a working xxxxxxx. However, when three (3) or more workmen are used on any one (1) job, the Electronics Xxxxxxx shall not work with tools.
Xxxxxxx. 7.01 Each employer shall employ a working xxxxxxx on each project, excluding houses and townhouses. The working fore- man shall be paid a premium of 15% above the journeyman’s rate. The working xxxxxxx shall have been a member in good standing with the Union for a period of one year and shall con- tinue his good standing therein.
Xxxxxxx. 1. All jobs employing twenty (20) or more employees covered by this Agreement will designate one (1) working Journeyman, in good standing with the Union, as their Xxxxxxx. The Xxxxxxx'x responsibilities shall include coordinating and directing all field work as well as overseeing the duties of the Leadmen, assigning jobs to crews and individuals, maintaining discipline and enforcing regulations and policies as directed by the Employer especially in regards to the promotion of safety. The Xxxxxxx shall oversee the training and job assignments of apprentices and insofar as possible, give the xxxxxxxxxx xxx instruction recommended by the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. The Xxxxxxx shall, whenever possible, devise new methods of operation that will benefit both the Employer and employees. In accepting authority, the Xxxxxxx will also accept responsibility.