Timeframe Sample Clauses

Timeframe. (c) The Committee shall meet on or before March 30 in any year to:
Timeframe. The timeframe outlined in this document shall be followed; however, the timeframe and the termreasonable effort” may be flexible if supported by special circumstances, such as an emergency, special projects (budgets, labor negotiations), vacations, or staffing shortages. Also, the timeframe may be modified if there are mutual agreements to extend the timeframe. If the timeframe has elapsed and if a grievant believes that a reasonable effort is not being made, then the grievant can request that the matter be heard and decided upon with two (2) working days, or the matter shall be automatically moved to the next higher step, then the grievance shall be considered closed. The term working day(s) means Monday through Friday, excluding any holidays. Financial ResponsibilityFees or costs for processing a grievance shall be borne by each party, unless there is an agreement in advance. Employees authorized to attend a grievance proceeding during regular working hours shall continue normal compensation; however, proceedings conducted after working hours or on normal days off shall not be compensated unless there is approval in advance from the Department Head or the City Manager. Employees who are appealing a discipline case shall be paid for attendance of a discipline appeal if said appeal is scheduled after the employee’s assigned working hours. Process – The process for resolving a qualified grievance is as follows:
Timeframe. 20.9 The Committee shall meet on or before March 30th in any year to:
Timeframe. New and Re-enrolled Members - The Comprehensive Care Plan must be completed within 30 days of completion of the Screening or 90 days after enrollment in the HMO, whichever comes first. Current Members – All currently enrolled members must have a Comprehensive Care Plan completed by the HMO within 30 days of completion of the Screening.
Timeframe. New Members - The screening must be completed by the HMO within 60 days of the member’s HMO enrollment. Re-Enrolled Members - Members that were previously enrolled in the HMO but had a disenrollment period of six months or more from their last disenrollment must also have a screening within 60 days of the member’s re- enrollment in the HMO.
Timeframe. Transfers of funds initiated through the External Transfers Service are generally available within 1-3 business days. 4Front Credit Union does not guarantee the settlement date, and will not be responsible for any fees as a result of a later settlement date. A business day does not include Saturday, Sunday, or any Federal Holiday on which the Federal Reserve is closed.
Timeframe. Travelife will investigate the appeal in a timely manner. All appeals will be acknowledged in the first instance on receipt of the appeal. Travelife will communicate the expected date to get back to the Member, and depending on the nature of the appeal and the level of investigation needed by Travelife, up to a maximum of three (3) months.