Representations and Warranties And Sample Clauses

Representations and Warranties And. COVENANTS OF THE COMPANY 23 SECTION 8.01. Good Standing of the Company 23 SECTION 8.02. Capitalization 23 SECTION 8.03. Authorization of Agreement 23 SECTION 8.04. No Defaults or Conflicts 23 SECTION 8.05. No Impairment 24 ARTICLE IX MISCELLANEOUS 24 SECTION 9.01. (a) Amendment 24 SECTION 9.02. Notices and Demands to the Company and Warrant Agent 25 SECTION 9.03. Addresses for Notices to Parties and for Transmission of Documents 25 SECTION 9.04. Notices to Holders of Class B Warrants 26 SECTION 9.05. Applicable Law 26 SECTION 9.06. Persons Having Rights Under Agreement 26 SECTION 9.07. Headings 26 SECTION 9.08. Counterparts 26 SECTION 9.09. Inspection of Agreement 27 [Signature Page follows] 27 EXHIBITS EXHIBIT A - Form of Class B Warrant Certificate SCHEDULE SCHEDULE 8.02 - Capitalization of the Company -iii- CLASS B WARRANT AGREEMENT THIS CLASS B WARRANT AGREEMENT (this "Agreement") is made and entered into as of December , 2002 by and between eLot, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Company") and The Bank of New York, as warrant agent (together with any successor Warrant Agent, the "Warrant Agent"). Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein, shall have the meanings ascribed them in the Plan (as hereinafter defined).
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Representations and Warranties And. COVENANTS OF SPOUSE ------------------- Spouse hereby severally represents and warrants and covenants to Parent as follows:
Representations and Warranties And. COVENANTS OF DEBTOR -------------------
Representations and Warranties And 

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