Finalize Sample Clauses

Finalize sub-recipient agreements with project partners. Subtask 1.3 Revise and update Project Management Plan. Task 2: Vehicle Deployment
Finalize. Public Draft EIR or EIR/EIS The Consultant shall incorporate the Harbor Department's comments from the Administrative Draft EIR or EIR/EIS into the Screencheck Draft EIR or EIR/EIS.
Finalize steel framing for special equipment and new ceiling bulkheads.
Finalize the information by February 15 (45 days after the end of the calendar year as allowed in the Federal regulations). USEPA will provide to Illinois EPA the information needed to update their Class V inventory.
Finalize effort to revise, overhaul and implement quality assurance system for water quality division including QAPPs, SOPs, annual monitoring plans, and new documentation requirements for continuous monitoring.
Finalize the commercial design of the PoNS™ device so that the devices would be commercially available to the Army should the results of the study be positive.
Finalize and distribute overhauled quality assurance system for water quality division
Finalize. IF you signed a joinder waiving notice, you do not need to do anything else. IF you signed a joinder WANTING notice but do not want to attend the finalization hearing: EITHER - sign the Citation for the court date OR sign the Decree of Dissolution and the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. You can also attend the finalization hearing and sign the documents at that time. These instructions are legal information, not legal advice.
Finalize prequalifications advertisement and prequalifications questionnaire. Submit one reproducible copy to the CITY’s Project Manager.
Finalize the demolition drawings to demonstrate the extent of demolition of electrical systems, the lighting system, and the fire alarm system that will be impacted by the new moving walk- ways.