Extra Sample Clauses

Extra. If applicable, specify generating renewable energy aggregation program, with location of generator or areas of aggregation, and Certification Authority: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
Extra judicial settlement of the dispute is initiated at the Czech Bar Association on a proposal from the Client, not on the proposal of the Attorney. The prerequisite for submitting a proposal is, pursuant to § 20n (2) d) of the Consumer Protection Act, the previous application of the right with the Attorney, which is the subject of the dispute. An application for an out-of-court settlement of a dispute may be filed no later than one year after the date on which the Client claimed his or her right, which is the subject of the dispute, with AK for the first time.
Extra. A person whose performance serves only to create the atmosphere and is only indirectly related to the message. The extra participates only in crowd noises, is seen in long shot only and cannot be identified, but may receive individual staging directions. The simple fact that the extra’s face may be seen does not mean that the extra can be identified. For instance, the camera can pan across a face quickly without necessarily making it identifiable.
Extra being the extended summary of the days event, with more explicit content, broadcast later at night
Extra curricular activities are voluntary and the Employer agrees to continue to regard such activities as voluntary.
Extra step to Milestone 1 we additionally sequenced about 13,000 clones from the library. From these clones a so-calledunigene list” is assembled that allows us to put as many different genes as possible on the micro-array slide. This step would of course take extra time towards M1 but would significantly improve the micro-array quality by removing redundancy.Blastx/Blastn hits from filtered nr/ntSubtotal ----------> 557877%Total7240100%Over 12,000 clones have been sequenced from the pooled Peyer’s-patch/Tonsil normalised library and about 1,000 clones from the normalised brain library. Analysis of the sequences revealed that after cleanup, clustering and assembling all the data that about 1,850 contigs and 2,594 singletons could be identified. From this unigene list of 4,444 sequences about 77% could be annotated by BLAST against public annotated sequence databases (Table 1) which were filtered to contain annotated sequences only (removing so-called BAC and other raw genomic sequences). Finally a selection of 7,369 unique features were be put in in four- fold on the micro-array slides. GroupDatabaseseq Table 1. Primary annotation of the 13k assembled unigene-list by BLAST against a variety of databases. M1 The sheep micro-array libraries and the microarrays themselves are available.
Extra. Additional security sensitive component(s) found in product. Security sensitive components include CDs, CD Keys, Diskettes, Dongles, and Serial Number Labels.