Extra Sample Clauses

Extra. If applicable, specify generating renewable energy aggregation program, with location of generator or areas of aggregation, and Certification Authority:
Extra. Key Provisions shall only apply to this Contract where such provisions are set out at the end of this Schedule 1.
Extra. If applicable, specify generating renewable energy aggregation program, with location of generator or areas of aggregation, and Certification Authority: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
Extra judicial settlement of the dispute is initiated at the Czech Bar Association on a proposal from the Client, not on the proposal of the Attorney. The prerequisite for submitting a proposal is, pursuant to § 20n (2) d) of the Consumer Protection Act, the previous application of the right with the Attorney, which is the subject of the dispute. An application for an out-of-court settlement of a dispute may be filed no later than one year after the date on which the Client claimed his or her right, which is the subject of the dispute, with AK for the first time.
Extra curricular assignments for the next school year shall be made, whenever possible, before the end of the current school year.
Extra. 1. All teachers must conduct extracurricular activities with the same professional attitude as they would their regular classroom activities, if on supplemental contract.
Extra. A person whose performance serves only to create the atmosphere and is only indirectly related to the message. The extra participates only in crowd noises, is seen in long shot only and cannot be identified, but may receive individual staging directions. The simple fact that the extra’s face may be seen does not mean that the extra can be identified. For instance, the camera can pan across a face quickly without necessarily making it identifiable.
Extra personal budget 1 For the academic medical specialist, the reduction of the standard annual hours as a purpose for which the extra personal budget can be used as referred to in Article 3.3.2, paragraph 1 under a (purposes for which the personal budget can be used) is expressed in extra days off.
Extra curricular activities are voluntary and the Employer agrees to continue to regard such activities as voluntary.
Extra is an artist who is part of a crowd scene and appears only incidentally or in backgrounds and does not speak dialogue individually or perform individually as directed and does not mime. The employer can, for the purpose of authenticity, invite members of the public in civilian dress to join in a scene - such person will not be regarded as an employee and is not covered by this Agreement. FINISHING LATE/STARTING EARLY: (see clause 16 of ATPA) In the event that work finishes after 7pm (8pm daylight saving) or starts before 7am the employer is obliged to either provide transport or reimburse the performer for taxi fares - for transport to and from work - see sub clause 16 (k)(i). In the case of EXTRAS this provision only applies where the location is isolated or no reasonable public transport is available. If regular public transport is not available within 10 minutes of artist's finishing or starting time, transport (or reimbursement of fares) must be provided. This applies irrespective of time of starting/finishing. HOURS OF WORK: (see clause 11 of ATPA) Serials: 1 or 2 episodes in a week 32 hours per week over 5 days For performers engaged on a serial, there is a limit of one call per day of a minimum of 4 hours One-offs and Serials 3 or more eps 40 hours per week KILOMETRE ALLOWANCE: (see clause 16 of ATPA) Motor Car $0.72 per km Motor Cycle $0.35 per km When calculating the kilometre allowance it is assumed that the artist travelled between the 'pick-up point' and the place of work and return. Kilometre allowance also applies for travel between locations (if no alternative transport is provided). MAJOR ROLE: (see clause 4(ra) and clause 10 of ATPA) for programs other than serial drama or comedy and excluding children’s programs, a major role is a role in which the performer either appears in no less than 30% of the episodes of one season of a television series other than a mini-series OR appears in no less than 15% of the scenes in any one episode (excluding scenes where no performers appear or no dialogue is spoken) OR has a minimum 30 pieces of dialogue in any one episode. Major role performers, whether engaged by daily or weekly, will be guaranteed no less than 70% of the weekly minimum rate. Minimum rate for a Major Role From 5/4/2004 From 1/1/2005 From 1/1/2006 Performer Class 2 1047.55 1086.35 1129.83 Performer Class 1 967.48 1003.33 1043.44 Please note rates above are inclusive of 102.5% repeats and residuals fees (in accordance with ATRRA). Overt...