Exculpatory Clause Sample Clauses

Exculpatory Clause. Agency-Assisted Contractor or Contractor (regardless of tier) expressly waive any and all claims against the Agency for damages, direct or indirect, including, without limitation, claims relative to the commencement, continuance and completion of construction and/or providing professional and consulting services (“the Work”). Agency- Assisted Contractor or Contractor (regardless of tier) acknowledge and agree that the procedures set forth herein for dealing with alleged breaches or failure to comply with the obligations and requirements of this SBE Agreement are reasonable and have been anticipated by the parties in securing financing, in inviting, submitting and receiving bids and proposals for the planning, design and construction of the improvements and in determining the times for commencement and completion of the planning, design and construction and/or for providing consulting, professional or personal services.
Exculpatory Clause. NA and Subscriber agree that NA is not an insurer and no insurance coverage is offered herein. The security equipment and NA’s services are designed to reduce certain risks of loss, though NA does not guarantee that no loss will occur. NA is not assuming liability, and, therefore, shall not be liable to Subscriber for any loss, data corruption or inability to retrieve data, personal injury or property damage sustained by Subscriber as a result of intrusion, burglary, theft, hold-up, fire, equipment failure, smoke, or any other cause whatsoever, regardless of whether or not such loss or damage was caused by or contributed to by NA’s negligent performance to any degree in furtherance of this agreement, any extra contractual or legal duty, strict products liability, or negligent failure to perform any obligation pursuant to this agreement or any other legal duty. In the event of any loss or injury to any person or property, Subscriber agrees to look exclusively to Subscriber’s insurer to recover damages. Subscriber releases NA from any claims for contribution, indemnity or subrogation.
Exculpatory Clause. All separate and personal liability of Landlord or any trustee, director, officer, partner or principal (disclosed or undisclosed) thereof of every kind or nature, if any, is waived by Tenant, and by every person now or hereafter claiming by, through or under Tenant; and Tenant shall look solely to Landlord’s estate in the Property for the payment of any claim against Landlord.
Exculpatory Clause. This Amendment to Lease is executed by American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago, not personally but as Trustee as aforesaid, in the exercise of the power and authority conferred upon and vested in it as such Trustee, and under the express direction of the beneficiaries of a certain Trust Agreement dated July 30, 1985 and known as Trust Number 65110 at said Bank. Nothing in this Lease contained shall be construed as creating any liability whatsoever against said Trustee personally or said beneficiaries, and in particular, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, there shall be no personal liability to perform any covenant, either express or implied, herein contained, to keep, preserve or sequester any property of said Trust, and that all personal liability of said Trustee (and said beneficiaries, to the extent permitted by law), of every sort, if any, is hereby expressly waived by Tenant, and by every person now or hereafter claiming any right or security hereunder; and that so far as the parties hereto are concerned the owner of any indebtedness or liability accruing hereunder shall look solely to the Trust Estate from time to time subject to the provisions of said Trust Agreement for the payment thereof. The Trustee has no agents or employees and merely holds naked title to the property herein described and has no knowledge respecting rentals, leases or other factual matters with respect to the Premises, except as represented to it by the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the Trust.
Exculpatory Clause. Subtenant shall look solely to the estate and property of Sublandlord in the Premises for the satisfaction of Subtenant’s remedies for the collection of a judgment (or other judicial process) requiring the payment of money by Sublandlord in the event of any default or breach by Sublandlord with respect to any of the terms, covenants and conditions of this Sublease to be observed and/or performed by Sublandlord, and no other property or assets of Sublandlord or any partner, member, officer or director thereof, disclosed or undisclosed, shall be subject to levy, execution or other enforcement procedure for the satisfaction of Subtenant’s remedies under or with respect to this Sublease, the relationship of Sublandlord and Subtenant hereunder, or Subtenant’s use and occupancy of the Subleased Premises. Without limiting the foregoing, it is further understood that under no event or circumstance shall Sublandlord be held responsible for the acts of third parties, including Prime Landlord, any other tenants or occupants of the Building or their guests, agents, officers, contractors, servants, licensees, employees or invitees, it being expressly understood and agreed that Sublandlord’s liability for any default in Sublandlord’s obligations under this Sublease are expressly limited to the acts and omissions of Sublandlord and its agents and employees.
Exculpatory Clause. Notwithstanding any provision of this Lease to the contrary, the liability of Landlord under and with respect to this Lease shall be limited to the interest of Landlord in the Premises, and any judgment in favor of Tenant or any party claiming by, through or under Tenant against Landlord shall be collectable only out of Landlord's interest in the Premises.
Exculpatory Clause. Neither the Trust's shareholders nor ------------------ the Trustees, officers, employees or agents of the Trust shall be liable under this Agreement, and the Key Employee shall look solely to the Trust's estate for the payment of any claim under or for performance of this Agreement. The Trust is organized pursuant to a Third Amended and Restated Declaration of Trust dated as of May 24, 1984. 6.12.
Exculpatory Clause. The University does not assume any legal obligations to pay for the loss of or damage to items of personal property of the student which occurs in its buildings, storage rooms, or on its grounds, prior to, during or subsequent to the period of the contract. The student or parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover such losses.
Exculpatory Clause. Should a provision of this contract be or become invalid or impracticable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the Contractor and Client shall replace the invalid or impracticable provision with one which corresponds to the spirit and purpose of the provision being replaced as much as possible.