Erection Sample Clauses

Erection. Install nuts on post clips with a torque wrench for extruded aluminum channels. Apply 225 inch-pounds of torque to each galvanized nut with the threads dry, clean, and unlubricated. Attach the sign to posts with twist in toggle and buckle straps or stainless steel post clips for flat sheet aluminum. Apply 225 inch-pounds of torque to each stainless steel nut with the threads dry, clean, and unlubricated. Clean signs after erection, removing any accumulation of oil, grease, dirt, or foreign material. Brace the panel with one or more auxiliary supports if exit panels cannot be supported by two sign posts. SECTION 931—POST MOUNTED SIGNS, TYPE B
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Erection. A. Set structural steel accurately in locations and to elevations indicated and in accordance with ANSI/AISC 303 and ANSI/AISC 360.
Erection a. Field erection of the Glass-Fused-to-Steel, bolted-steel tank shall be in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Manufacturer's Construction Guide and performed by an Authorised Distributor of the tank Manufacturer, regularly engaged in erection of these tanks or a suitably qualified specialist sub contract builder under the control and supervision of the Authorised Distributor.
Erection. Erection over the Railroad right-of-way shall be designed to cause no interruption to Railroad operations. Erection plans shall be developed such that they enable the track(s) to remain open to train traffic per Railroad requirements.
Erection. 6. Acceptance observation of any shoofly before placing it in service.
Erection. All trusses are to be hoisted and erected strictly in accordance with the procedures and recommendations of the manual "The Erection and Bracing of Timber roof Trusses" as published by the Institute for Timber Construction and the CSIR, or the SABS Code of Practice "The Design, Manufacture and Erection of Timber Roof Trusses", or as designed and detailed by the designer Design system The design system as documented in this bill is based on the
Erection. All erections shall be straight, plumb and level without spring and twisting and securely anchored in place in accordance with manufacture’s recommendations or details. After installation, doors and windows may be adjusted, if necessary, for efficient operation. Section – 7 BILL OF QUANTITIES Section – 8
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Erection. A. Erect exposed CMU masonry work to conform to approved sample panel.
Erection. A. Precast Concrete Panels and Posts. Install precast units according to approved detailed erection drawings. Erect the units in a manner to prevent excessive bending about either axis. Set precast concrete panels with the face of the panel plumb and the top of the panel level. Take special care in setting the bottom panel in an exact horizontal position. Ensure the faces of adjacent units are flush within a tolerance of plus or minus 1/16 inch. Handle precast structural members carefully at all times so that no overstressing, crazing, chipping, or cracking of the concrete occurs. Analyze the post, panel, and other components to reflect the actual method of construction to be used. Perform the analysis to verify that no adverse conditions to any components, as stated above, occur. If required from the analysis, temporary strengthen the various components. Do not patch damaged panels; replace with new panels. Handle and erect panel units and posts using suitable equipment. After the precast panels are erected, fill all lifting hook holes with grout. Use a colored grout to match the color of the panels. Erect precast concrete noise barriers ensuring no passage of light after they are erected. If recessed handling inserts are used, galvanize according to ASTM A153.
Erection. Structural members shall be erected in proper sequence and aligned properly without causing any twist. Permanent bolting/welding shall be done only after proper alignment has been achieved. Proper access, working platforms and safety arrangements shall be provided by the Contractor for working and inspection.
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