Erection Sample Clauses

Erection. Add the following: “After erection the signboard shall be thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning agent approved by the retro-reflective material’s manufacturer. All vegetation obstructing the new or replaced sign board shall be removed and disposed of as instructed by the Engineer.” Add the following: “Existing overhead and ground mounted road signs that are being replaced by new signs shall be dismantled and disposed of by the Contractor. Where possible the dismantling of the signs shall not be before the replacement sign is erected and displayed. Where dismantling of the sign is required before erection of the replacement sign, the dismantling shall not take place until immediately before work is to commence on the replacement, and the replacement shall be completed and the new sign displayed as soon as possible thereafter (within 72 hours). Dismantling shall include sign panels and ground mounted sign supports. Ground mounted sign supports shall be cut off just below ground level. Material excavated for removal of buried poles shall be replaced, and any depression made good using excess material from excavation for new signs. Pay items are provided in the Bill of Quantities. Payment will differentiate between different types of sign panels.” Amend the following payment item: Amend the last two lines of the second paragraph to read:
Erection. 7.1 The erection plan is in accordance with the planned Attachment No. 4 (Erection Plan)
Erection. In addition, the General Conditions for the Erection of KKA Equipment shall apply to all Contracts covering the supply of equipment including erection and commissioning.
Erection. If supervision of erection and installation Work is included in the Order, every endeavor will be made by Seller to proceed promptly with such Work and, unless otherwise stated, Buyer shall:
Erection. 10. The regulations in this section 10 shall be applicable for the work carried out if the parties have agreed upon erection of the products. “
Erection. 8.1 When Goods or Equipment are of too greater size to manually handle, the Customer shall at its expense provide suitable access to and possession of the Site, proper foundations ready to receive the Equipment as and when it is delivered, adequate lifting facilities and scaffolding, all skilled and unskilled labour, all building and civil engineering work, suitable protection for the Equipment from the time of delivery, any lighting and heating necessary on the Site during erection and all necessary facilities and adequate assistance.
Erection. 15.1 If the vendor also undertakes erection of the goods, the General Conditions of Erection of VSM shall apply.
Erection. 11.1. Erection work shall not be part of the AGREEMENT unless expressly agreed in the Purchase Order Form. In such case the following terms shall apply: