Foreign material definition

Foreign material means any filthy, putrid, or decomposed substance including hair, insects, excreta, or related adulterant that may be hazardous or cause illness or injury to the consumer.
Foreign material means leaves, sticks, loose hulls or hull pieces, dirt, rocks, insects or insect fragments not attached to nuts, or any substance other than pistachio shells or kernels. Glass, metal or live insects shall not be permitted.
Foreign material means Confirmed Material held at a Foreign Approved Depository, in respect of which (other than HSBC London Inventory) the Foreign Collateral Lien Procedures shall have been satisfied, provided, that the aggregate Market Value of Foreign Material included in the Borrowing Base at any time (before giving effect to the applicable advance rate) which is located at each Foreign Approved Depository shall not exceed the limit set forth across from such depository’s name on Schedule 1.1C hereto.

Examples of Foreign material in a sentence

  • Foreign material shall be prevented from entering the pipe while it is being placed in the trench.

  • Foreign material controls include detectors, traps, visual, sieves, filters and magnets.

  • Foreign material, including, but not limited to, hair, insects, or similar or related adulterant.

  • Total compliance (10 points): Foreign material control method(s) are in place where needed.

  • Foreign material is material that is not part of the equipment or system by design.

More Definitions of Foreign material

Foreign material means natural vegetative matter that is not from the property where the fire is occurring. No material can be brought from off-site to be included in a permitted burn.
Foreign material means any physical contaminant or filth, including without limitation hair, insects, feces, packaging contaminants and manufacturing waste and by-products.
Foreign material means (i) Assigned Material held at an Approved Depository located outside of the United States; or (ii) Confirmed Material held at a Foreign Approved Depository.
Foreign material means any physical material that is aggregated with seed cotton, cotton seed or lint that is not related to cotton, and includes sand, stones, metallic objects, feathers, plastics, polypropylene and water;
Foreign material has the meaning given to it in the Foreign Materials Exclusion Special Terms and Conditions attached to and incorporated herein as Exhibit D.
Foreign material means pieces or loose particles of any substance other than peanut kernels or skins.
Foreign material means leaves, sticks, in-shell nuts, shells or pieces of shells, dirt, or rocks, or any other sub- stance other than pistachio kernels. No allowable tolerances for metal or glass.