Consolidation Sample Clauses

Consolidation. The Employer may consolidate grievances arising out of the same set of facts.
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Consolidation. Where two or more claims have been submitted separately to arbitration under Article 32 (Claim by an Investor of a Member State) and the claims have a question of law or fact in common and arise out of the same or similar events or circumstances, all concerned disputing parties may agree to consolidate those claims in any manner they deem appropriate.
Consolidation. Grievances arising out of the same set of facts may be consolidated by written agreement.
Consolidation. The arbitrators may consolidate any Agreement Disputes under this Agreement if the subject of the Agreement Disputes thereunder arise out of or relate essentially to the same set of facts or transactions. Such consolidated arbitration shall be determined by the arbitrator appointed for the arbitration proceeding that was commenced first in time.
Consolidation. If an Advance Notice has been delivered to the Investor, then the Company shall not effect any consolidation of the Company with or into, or a transfer of all or substantially all the assets of the Company to another entity before the transaction contemplated in such Advance Notice has been closed in accordance with Section 2.02 hereof, and all Shares in connection with such Advance have been received by the Investor.
Consolidation. 1. A Tribunal established under this Article shall be established under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and shall conduct its proceedings in accordance with those Rules, except as modified by this Section.
Consolidation. No arbitration shall include, by consolidation, joinder or in any other manner, any additional person not a party to the Agreement, except by written consent of both parties containing a specific reference to these provisions.
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Consolidation. If the Parties initiate multiple arbitration proceedings, the subject matters of which are related by common questions of law or fact and which could result in conflicting awards or obligations, then all such proceedings may be consolidated into a single arbitral proceeding.
Consolidation. Identical or sufficiently similar Disputes presented by more than one Member may, at the option of the Manager, be consolidated into a single Procedure.
Consolidation. 1. Where two or more claims have been submitted separately to arbitration under this Section, and the claims raised have a question of law or fact in common and arise out of the same events or circumnstances, any disputing party may seek a consolidation order, in accordance with the agreement of all the disputing parties sought to be covered by the order or the terms of this Article.
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