Employee Housing Sample Clauses

Employee Housing. Purchaser acknowledges and understands that one (1) unit within the Project is or will be covenant restricted pursuant to the Base Village Restricted Housing Agreement. As further described in the Declaration, such employee housing unit pays reduced assessments to the Association.
Employee Housing. In the event Project Company considers, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary for the purposes of the Project to provide employees and their dependents with housing within the Project Area, any such living accommodations and facilities provided by the Project Company for its operations shall be of a reasonable standard and shall be constructed in accordance with Lao PDR Laws.]4
Employee Housing. Employee Housing
Employee Housing. Employee housing will be provided for a substantial number of resort employees in the Resort Center consistent with The Canyons Employee Housing Needs Assessment and Proposed Mitigation Plan. The balance of identified employee housing needs will be provided elsewhere in the Snyderville Basin/Park City area.
Employee Housing. The following is hereby added to the Agreement of Sale as a new representation of Seller contained in SECTION 6.1.: "6.1.14
Employee Housing. (1) The Concession Contractor will provide housing and food service for concession employees when feasible. The room and board account should be a break-even account to the extent possible. The Concession Contractor should ensure that employee room and board charges do not exceed earnings as a result of mandatory reduction in work.
Employee Housing. For full time Employees requiring permanent housing, Investor shall provide Adequate Shared Housing Facilities for each single Employee with no Dependents, or one unit of Adequate Housing Facilities per family for Employees with Dependents who live with such Employee, subject to verification of the status of Employees and their Dependents by Investor or its nominee. Such shared housing facilities and family housing facilities and any temporary housing facilities shall comply with or exceed the minimum housing standards issued for general application by the Ministry of Public Works and the relevant government agencies and the current standards and specifications for each category of housing to be attached hereto as Appendix IV and shall conform to the requirements of Law, or in the absence of Law, as agreed between the Parties. Appendix IV will include copies of all housing plans, including the number of rooms and dimensions of each room, descriptions of bathroom facilities and enclosures, distances to and from other housing units, community buildings and common sources of potable water, and will specify the building materials that will be used for construction. All housing plans shall be submitted to the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture for review and approval by the Ministry of Public Works. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld and shall be conclusively deemed if within sixty (60) days of submission of housing plans, Government or Ministry of Public Works has not indicated a decision to withhold approval by Notice in the manner provided in this Agreement. Once approved by the Government, the specifications set forth in Appendix IV shall be binding on all Parties. The timeline and rate of housing development by Investor shall be approved by Government and shall be included in the Development Plan. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Investor shall be permitted to construct temporary housing in each estate which may be substituted for the permanent housing described in this Section 9.5 for a period not to exceed sixty (60) months from the date on which development of that estate commences, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties. All temporary housing must meet the minimum housing standards issued by the Ministry of Public Works for similar types of structures and the design and specifications of all temporary housing. The plans and specifications for the temporary housing will be attached hereto as Appendix IV(A) upon submission of t...
Employee Housing. [This Article has been deleted.]