Statement Date definition

Statement Date means each date designated as such in the Series Term Sheet.
Statement Date means the Audited Statement Date or the Interim Statement Date, as applicable.
Statement Date means the date specified in the “Statement of Account” on which the statement is generated and printed. This takes place at the end of each “Billing Cycle”.

Examples of Statement Date in a sentence

  • Website: Listing Statement Date: April 28, 2022Description(s) of listed securities(symbol/type): Common shares (BOLT)Brief Description of the Issuer's Business: A Canadian-based exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of production grade nickel and cobalt deposits, key raw material inputs for the growing lithium-ion battery industry.

More Definitions of Statement Date

Statement Date refers to such date determined by the Bank for the Card Statement;
Statement Date means the last date of the Account Statement period for which an Account Statement is produced
Statement Date has the meaning set forth in Section 3.7 of this Agreement.
Statement Date has the meaning set forth in Section 3.14 hereof.
Statement Date in relation to any Card Account Statement means the date specified in that Card Account Statement as such.
Statement Date means the last day of the fiscal quarter of Borrower to which the quarterly financial statements relate as delivered from time to time by the Borrower under Section 7.7(b) hereof.