Directed Sample Clauses

Directed. : Required: Approved: Acceptable: Whenever they refer to Work or its performance, "directed", "required", "permitted", "ordered", "designated", "prescribed", and words of like import, shall imply the direction, requirements, permission, order, designation, or prescription of the OWNER; and "approved", "acceptable", "satisfactory", "in the judgment of", and words of like import, shall mean approved by or acceptable to or satisfactory to or in the judgment of the OWNER.
Directed. Fund Membership is non-transferable, non-salable and non-assignable, except a Member may transfer its current Membership benefits and obligations to a successor of substantially all of its business or assets, whether by merger, sale or otherwise; provided that the transferee agrees to be bound by this Charter and the Bylaws and policies required by LF membership.
Directed. Any requirement of an employee to search or seize any locker or other personal possession of any student shall be made in writing to the employee prior to the required search and seizure. Through such written authorization, the Board assumes all liability for the search and seizure made by any employee carrying out the written direction of the Principal or designee in the absence of the Principal, and such employee shall be totally indemnified by the Board.
Directed. Fund Membership is non-transferable, non-salable and non-assignable, except a Member may transfer its current Membership benefits and obligations to a successor of substantially all of its business or assets, whether by merger, sale or otherwise that is, or upon such transfer becomes, a member of The Linux Foundation.
Directed. Retry On Congestion will make use of the congestion information in the original as well as the target cell. When a connection is requested and directed retry feature is enabled by the operator, a check will be made to verify that the congestion in the given cell is below an operator defined threshold, before making a request for a traffic channel. If the given cell is already congested, preferred target list generated from measurement reports will be used for directed retry. Flow chart at the end of the document illustrates the steps for this feature. The main thrust is to give more preference to ongoing calls by reserving some capacity per cell for incoming handover requests for ongoing calls. New O&M parameters are provided to allow the operator to specify the traffic load threshold (ranges from 0 to 100%) and the current level of traffic congestion (ranges from 0 to 100%). The purpose of this feature is to add the ability to consider the congestion level of a cell before requesting a traffic channel in that cell as a result of a directed retry. It's capabilities and benefits are: - Can be enabled/disabled from OMC. - Provides the operator with the ability to give preference to on-going calls by reserving capacity on a per cell basis for HO requests.
Directed. Unless context requires otherwise, the words "directed," "required," "permitted," "ordered," "designated," "selected," "prescribed" and words of like import used in this License Agreement mean the direction, requirement, permission, order, designation, selection or prescription of the MTA.
Directed brokerage in many cases limits the Sub-Adviser's ability to negotiate commissions for a Series and its ability to aggregate orders and may result in an inability to obtain volume discounts or best execution for the Series in some transactions. To the extent consistent with these standards, the Sub-Adviser is further authorized to allocate the orders placed by it on behalf of a Series to the Sub-Adviser if it is registered as a broker-dealer with the SEC, to an affiliated broker-dealer, or to such brokers and dealers who also provide research or statistical material, or other services to the Series, the Sub-Adviser, or an affiliate of the Sub-Adviser. Such allocation shall be in such amounts and proportions as the Sub-Adviser shall determine consistent with the above standards, and the Sub-Adviser will report on said allocation regularly to the Fund's Board of Trustees indicating the broker-dealers to which such allocations have been made and the basis therefor. The Sub-Adviser may manage other portfolios and expects that a Series and other portfolios it manages will, from time to time, purchase or sell the same securities. The Sub-Adviser may aggregate orders for the purchase or sale of securities on behalf of a Series with orders on behalf of other portfolios the Sub-Adviser manages. Securities purchased or proceeds of securities sold through aggregated orders will be allocated to the account of each portfolio managed by the Sub-Adviser that bought or sold such securities at the average execution price. If less than the total of the aggregated orders is executed, purchased securities or proceeds will generally be allocated pro rata among the participating portfolios in proportion to their planned participation in the aggregated orders.
Directed. August 25 3.0 hours August 26 6.0 hours August 27 6.0 hours September 16 2.5 hours October 7 1.0 hour January 23 3.0 hours April 2 6.0 hours May 19 2.5 hours 30 hours CLIMAX SCOTTS SCHOOL CALENDAR 2016 – 2017
Directed. Growth Plan shall mean a plan developed by the Educator and the Principal of one school year or less for Educators with PTS who are rated needs improvement.