Developmental Services Sample Clauses

Developmental Services. 4.2.1 Developmental services include the creation of program code without limitation to the Internet related technologies. Client is made aware that Company's time is valuable and that Client will be billed for any and all resources that Company expenses on said projects as requested by Client. Billable time and expenses including long distance telephone communications, facsimiles, courier services, reproduction services, consulting services, researching technical questions, composing and reading email pertinent to the project, conversing on the telephone with Client or any other entity as they relate to Client’s project and any other direct or indirect expenses incurred on behalf of the Client expensed above and beyond actual development shall be billed as additional expenses in addition to the Quote(s)/Proposal(s). Company agrees to be diligent and to attempt to perform said functions as efficiently as possible at all times throughout the duration of project.

Related to Developmental Services

  • Dental Services The following dental services are not covered, except as described under Dental Services in Section 3: • Dental injuries incurred as a result of biting or chewing. • General dental services such as extractions including full mouth extractions, prostheses, braces, operative restorations, fillings, medical or surgical treatment of dental caries, gingivitis, gingivectomy, impactions, periodontal surgery, non-surgical treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, including appliances or restorations necessary to increase vertical dimensions or to restore the occlusion. • Panorex x-rays or dental x-rays. • Orthodontic services, even if related to a covered surgery. • Dental appliances or devices. • Preparation of the mouth for dentures and dental or oral surgeries such as, but not limited to, the following: o apicoectomy, per tooth, first root; o alveolectomy including curettage of osteitis or sequestrectomy; o alveoloplasty, each quadrant; o complete surgical removal of inaccessible impacted mandibular tooth mesial surface; o excision of feberous tuberosities; o excision of hyperplastic alveolar mucosa, each quadrant; o operculectomy excision periocoronal tissues; o removal of partially bony impacted tooth; o removal of completely bony impacted tooth, with or without unusual surgical complications; o surgical removal of partial bony impaction; o surgical removal of impacted maxillary tooth; o surgical removal of residual tooth roots; and o vestibuloplasty with skin/mucosal graft and lowering the floor of the mouth. Dialysis Services • The following dialysis services received in your home: o installing or modifying of electric power, water and sanitary disposal or charges for these services; o moving expenses for relocating the machine; o installation expenses not necessary to operate the machine; and o training you or members of your family in the operation of the machine. • Dialysis services received in a physician’s office.

  • Hospital Services Non-Emergency inpatient hospital services require Preauthorization. Refer to Section IV. for more information about hospital services.

  • Pharmacy Services The Contractor shall establish a network of pharmacies. The Contractor or its PBM must provide at least two (2) pharmacy providers within thirty (30) miles or thirty (30) minutes from a member’s residence in each county, as well as at least two (2) durable medical equipment providers in each county or contiguous county.

  • Supplemental Services For requests for supplemental services relating to P-Card Transaction Processing by Service Receiver not mentioned in this Schedule or not included within the costs documented in this agreement, Service Receiver will provide a discreet project request and submit such request to Service Provider using the formalized Change Request attached as Annex A for consideration by Service Provider. Where notice is required a number of business days prior to some required action by Service Provider, notice must be received by 12 noon Eastern Time to be counted as received during such business day. Service Provider shall, within a commercially reasonable period, provide a price quote to be commercially reasonable based on the current cost of the Services to Service Receiver taking into account, such items as the specific time the request was made, service delivery volumes, exit planning activities, and other activities Service Provider is currently engaged in at the time of the request, but not later than 30 days after the request was made. If Service Provider, in its sole discretion determines (i) such request would increase the ongoing operating costs for Service Provider (as a service recipient) or any other service receiver or (ii) that it is not capable of making such changes with its current staff during the time period requested without interrupting the Services provided to itself or any other service receiver. Service Provider need not provide a price quote or perform the services. Where a price quote is provided, Service Provider shall provide the service requested upon acceptance of the price.

  • Surgery Services This plan covers surgery services to treat a disease or injury when: • the operation is not experimental or investigational, or cosmetic in nature; • the operation is being performed at the appropriate place of service; and • the physician is licensed to perform the surgery. Preauthorization may be required for certain surgical services. Reconstructive Surgery for a Functional Deformity or Impairment This plan covers reconstructive surgery and procedures when the services are performed to relieve pain, or to correct or improve bodily function that is impaired as a result of: • a birth defect; • an accidental injury; • a disease; or • a previous covered surgical procedure. Functional indications for surgical correction do not include psychological, psychiatric or emotional reasons. This plan covers the procedures listed below to treat functional impairments. • abdominal wall surgery including panniculectomy (other than an abdominoplasty); • blepharoplasty and ptosis repair; • gastric bypass or gastric banding; • nasal reconstruction and septorhinoplasty; • orthognathic surgery including mandibular and maxillary osteotomy; • reduction mammoplasty; • removal of breast implants; • removal or treatment of proliferative vascular lesions and hemangiomas; • treatment of varicose veins; or • gynecomastia. Preauthorization may be required for these services.

  • Technical Services Party B will provide technical services and training to Party A, taking advantage of Party B’s advanced network, website and multimedia technologies to improve Party A’s system integration. Such technical services shall include:

  • Marketing Services The Manager shall provide advice and assistance in the marketing of the Vessels, including the identification of potential customers, identification of Vessels available for charter opportunities and preparation of bids.

  • Radiation Therapy/Chemotherapy Services This plan covers chemotherapy and radiation services. Respiratory Therapy This plan covers respiratory therapy services. When respiratory services are provided in your home, as part of a home care program, durable medical equipment, supplies, and oxygen are covered as a durable medical equipment service.

  • Laboratory Services The MCO must ensure that Network reference laboratory services are of sufficient size and scope to meet Members' non-emergency and emergency needs and the access requirements in Section 8.1.3. Reference laboratory specimen procurement services must facilitate the provision of clinical diagnostic services for physicians, Providers, and Members through the use of convenient reference satellite labs in each Service Area, strategically located specimen collection areas in each Service Area, and the use of a courier system under the management of the reference lab. For Medicaid Members, Texas Health Steps requires Providers to use the DSHS Laboratory Services for specimens obtained as part of a Texas Health Steps medical checkup, including Texas Health Steps newborn screens; blood lead testing; hemoglobin electrophoresis; and total hemoglobin tests that are processed at the Austin Laboratory; and Pap Smear, gonorrhea and chlamydia screening processed at the Women's Health Laboratories in San Antonio. Providers may submit specimens for glucose, cholesterol, HDL, lipid profile, HIV and RPR to the DSHS Laboratory or to a laboratory of the provider's choice. Hematocrit may be performed at the provider's clinic if the provider needs an immediate result for anemia screening. Providers should refer to the Texas Health Steps Online Provider Training Modules referencing specimen collection on the DSHS website and the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual, Children's Services Handbook for the most current information and any updates.

  • Anesthesia Services This plan covers general and local anesthesia services received from an anesthesiologist when the surgical procedure is a covered healthcare service. This plan covers office visits or office consultations with an anesthesiologist when provided prior to a scheduled covered surgical procedure.