Direct care definition

Direct care means medical services, nursing services, or medically-related social services provided to a resident.
Direct care means nursing care and related care
Direct care means direct, hands-on personal care and supervision to group care children and youth.

Examples of Direct care in a sentence

  • Direct care workers earn less than half of California’s median annual income and one in four falls below the federal pov- erty line.

  • Direct care staff receive a minimum of 12 hours annual training on clinical and care giving practices that are relevant to the Individuals served and are above the training standards and hours required by Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 411, Division 054 for Contractor’s licensure.

  • Direct care staff does not include nursing administration, Minimum Data Set (MDS) and care plan coordinators, staff development, infection control preventionist, risk managers, and staffing coordinators.

  • Direct care is defined as functions that provide direct care to one or more persons.

  • Direct care services include prevention, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation, habilitation, residential, case management, and other support services delivered by ACCSB staff to individuals who receive their services from the ACCSB.

More Definitions of Direct care

Direct care means hands on care or services to a patient, including but not limited to medical, nursing, psychological, or rehabilitative treatments.
Direct care means the provision of nursing care or
Direct care means any of the following:
Direct care means nursing care and related care provided to
Direct care means hands-on care provided to residents, including, but not limited to feeding, bathing, toileting, dressing, lifting, moving residents, treatments, and medication administration. Direct care does not include food preparation, housekeeping or laundry services except in circumstances when such services are required to meet the needs of an individual resident on a given occasion.
Direct care is defined as a clinical, social, or public health activity concerned with the prevention, investigation and treatment of illness and the alleviation of suffering of individuals (all activities that contribute to the diagnosis, care and treatment of an individual) 5. It includes:  purposes of preventive or occupational medicine,  for the assessment of the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis,   the provision of health or social care or treatment or the management of health or social care systems
Direct care means the time during which a resident, who is committed to the department pursuant to §§ 16.1-272, 16.1-285.1, or subdivision A 14 or A 17 of § 16.1-278.8 of the Code of Virginia, is under the supervision of staff in a juvenile correctional center or other juvenile residential facility operated by or under contract with the department.