Density Sample Clauses

Density. The modifications to density by phase are amended as more specifically described in Exhibit D attached hereto.
Density. The density of the Product shall be determined by equation-of-state calculation based on the composition of the Product or by another mutually acceptable method.
Density. The density of the Carbon Dioxide shall be determined by an on-line density meter referenced to weight in a vacuum, or by calculation utilizing the pressure, temperature and composition of the Carbon Dioxide flowing through the meter.
Density. The provisions of Exhibit B, paragraph A, subparagraphs 1 and 2 of the Agreement will be revised for the Interim Period to eliminate the cubic footage conversion factor of [ * ]
Density. Residential density on the Property shall be the densities and uses as set forth in the Planned Unit Development approval, Initial Master Plan, and as set forth below: Up to a maximum of 300 residential dwelling units. The attached PDD and the Initial Master Plan depict the expected mix and general location of allowed residential units, however, so long as the total residential unit count does not exceed 300 units, the Owner shall be allowed to alter location and product mix among all allowed uses under the PDD, based upon ongoing project planning and market conditions. Any such changes to exact location or product mix shall not be considered a material amendment hereto, or an amendment to the attached PDD or the Initial Master Plan, so long as the total allowed density is not exceeded and the use remains residential. Such minor changes will be approved at the staff review level.
Density. The Property is within the Multiple Residential Medium Density (RMM) zone which allows for one (1) dwelling unit per 2,400 square feet of lot area pursuant to LMC 20.43.
Density. No portion of the Protected Property may be used to satisfy land area requirements for other property not subject to this Easement for purposes of calculating building density, lot coverage or open space under other otherwise applicable laws, regulations or ordinances controlling land use other than the Inspiration conservation development. No development rights that have been encumbered or extinguished by this Easement may be transferred to any other property.
Density. The density shall be 100 percent nylon (loop and cut pile) with a minimum of 4,000; other fibers, including blends and combinations with a minimum of 4,500.
Density. Subject to the density requirements herein, Comcast shall make Cable Service available to every residential dwelling occupied by a person requesting Cable Service provided that Comcast is able to obtain from the property owners any necessary easements and/or permits in accordance with Section 621(a)(2) of the Cable Act. Any dwelling unit within three hundred (300) feet aerial distance from the main distribution line shall be entitled to a standard installation rate. Comcast shall extend the Cable System into all areas within the County where the number of occupied residential dwelling units to be passed by the extension necessary to serve such dwelling units is equal to or greater than fifteen (15) homes per mile, aerial or underground, measured from the nearest point of the Cable System distribution network from which a technically feasible signal can be obtained. The closest serviceable home is not always a technically feasible distribution point. Comcast shall complete said extensions within six (6) months of written notification to Comcast by the County and verification by Comcast that an area has met the minimum density standard set forth herein (weather permitting). Any delays by Comcast or its contractors must be communicated in writing in advance of the deadline to the County, unless such delays are caused by circumstances of Force Majeure. Comcast's obligation hereunder shall be subject to the timely performance of walk-out, make ready and location of all underground utilities.