Technically Feasible definition

Technically Feasible refers solely to technical or operational concerns, rather than economic, space, or site considerations.
Technically Feasible means that by virtue of engineering or spectrum usage the proposed placement for a small wireless facility, or its design, concealment measures, or site location can be implemented without a reduction in the functionality of the small wireless facility.
Technically Feasible means that a Collocation arrangement is Technically Feasible if, in accordance with either national standards or industry practice, there is no significant technical impediment to its establishment. Technical impediment shall be determined consistent with the definition of Technically Feasible in 47 CFR Section 51.5 to the extent that definition may be effective at the time of such determination. A rebuttable presumption that a Collocation arrangement is Technically Feasible shall arise if the arrangement has been deployed by any ILEC in the country.

Examples of Technically Feasible in a sentence

  • The assumptions for the Maximum Technically Feasible Reductions (MTFR) scenario reduce PM2.5 emissions by nearly 58% in 2020 and by 87% in 2050.

  • Whenever existing Facilities or electric utility facilities are located underground along a particular street or public way, new non-antenna portions of Facilities shall be installed underground along that street or public way and in existing or newly installed adjacent conduit to the extent Technically Feasible.

  • The following table summarizes the information provided by the source: Table 4-2: Cost Effectiveness of Technically Feasible Controls by Boiler*Values listed are in PTE Unfortunately the values provided by the source do not provide all of the necessary information, as the analysis it performed was using reductions in potential emissions, rather than actual emissions.

  • The Applicant’s determination in this regard shall be based on whether the Wireless Provider can meet the service objectives of the Application by Collocating on an existing Utility Pole or Municipal Pole on which: [a] The Applicant has the right to Collocation; [b] The Collocation is Technically Feasible and would not impose substantial additional cost; and [c] The Collocation would not obstruct or hinder travel or have a negative impact on public safety.

  • Whenever any new or existing Facilities or electric utility lines are relocated underground along a particular street or public way, a Company shall relocate its non- antenna portions of Facilities underground to the extent Technically Feasible concurrently with the other lines at its sole expense, in accordance with existing legal and regulatory requirements.

More Definitions of Technically Feasible

Technically Feasible. Interconnection at a point in the network shall be deemed Technically Feasible absent technical or operational concerns that prevent the fulfillment of a request by a Telecommunications Carrier for such Interconnection or access. Telcordia: Means Telcordia Technologies, Inc. which is a leading provider of software and services for the Telecommunications industry, or any successor entity providing the same functions which are referenced in this Agreement. Telecommunications: Shall have the meaning set forth in 47 U.S.C. §153.
Technically Feasible means that by virtue of engineering
Technically Feasible means that, by virtue of engineering or
Technically Feasible means that enough space is, or can be made, available above ground for the electrical distribution Equipment needed for PG&E to serve customers and that other requirements, such as obtaining the required permits, are met. The required space is defined by existing design standards within the operation and maintenance requirements that are in compliance with applicable safety codes and regulations such as CPUC General Order 128.
Technically Feasible means capable of being accomplished based on existing technology compatible with an applicant’s existing network.
Technically Feasible means that technical resources capable of meeting the needs of a proposed system can be acquired by the operator in the required time;
Technically Feasible shall have the meaning set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 51.5. “TELECOMMUNICATIONS” shall have the meaning set forth in 47 U.S.C. § 153(44).