Counseling Sample Clauses

Counseling. To attend counseling provided by someone other than a health care provider for the employee, military member, or a child of the military member, provided the need for counseling arises from the covered active duty or call to covered active duty.
Counseling. The counseling assignment shall consist of scheduled counseling appointments and other assigned student personnel services e.g., group counseling sessions, high school counselor liaison, and departmental/divisional articulation. An assignment of twenty-seven and one-half (27-1/2) hours per week exclusive of counseling appointment preparation, evaluations, reports, and the like, shall be considered a full counselor load. Beginning fall 2018 and thereafter, thirty (30) hours per week exclusive of counseling appointment preparation, evaluations, reports, and the like, shall be considered a full counselor load. Articulation meetings, not to exceed 2 hours per month unless agreed upon by the Xxxx, Department Chair/Steering Committee and Articulation Officer, may be included as part of the 27.5 (30, beginning fall 2018 and thereafter) hour per week load for counselors. These meetings shall focus on articulation issues only where discussion, clarification or involvement is needed in the following areas: ▪ IGETC / UCCSU / GE ▪ ASSIST ▪ TAAs ▪ LDTP ▪ AA/AS degree changes or new degrees ▪ Curriculum committee changes that impact transfer or graduation ▪ 2+2 (High School) ▪ Other related articulation issues The meeting schedule and agenda shall be mutually agreed upon by the Counseling Department Chair/Steering Committee and the Articulation Officer, and approved by the Division Xxxx. Both the Articulation Officer and counseling faculty members may submit articulation items to be included on the agenda to the Department Chair/Steering Committee. Articulation meetings shall be chaired by the Counseling Department Chair/Steering Committee.
Counseling. Recognizing the importance of counseling in effective corrective discipline, the parties agree that counseling will take place before sanctions are imposed. Further, the parties agree that sanctions, when imposed, will progress from minor to severe for repeated failure to meet professional obligations. However, in some circumstances, actions or omissions, which have resulted or will result in irreparable harm to the academic community or members thereof, may require imposition of severe sanctions in the first instance.
Counseling. When it becomes necessary for a supervisor to counsel an employee, it shall be done in private in a manner which will not cause embarrassment to the employee. It is the intent of the City that counseling be used as a productive matter rather than a punitive measure. Counseling is intended to be corrective rather than punitive and should be used to call attention to proper procedures and expectations. If an employee requests to have a xxxxxxx present during a counseling, every effort will be made to accommodate the request.
Counseling. An agency may issue Memoranda of Record, Memoranda of Counseling, or Supervisory Counseling Memoranda which are documentation of minor work deficiencies or conduct concerns that are maintained by a supervisor in a working file. Such documents are not discipline, are not grievable, and shall not become part of the employee’s official personnel file; however, such documentation may be used by the state at an administrative hearing involving an employee’s discipline to demonstrate the employee was on notice of the performance deficiencies or conduct concerns.
Counseling. Faculty The basic contract length shall be 164 duty days which shall be scheduled during a calendar year beginning on August 1 and ending on July 31 annually. The specific days of employment for each faculty member shall be determined in a fair and timely manner by the appropriate Student Services Director in consultation with the faculty member.
Counseling. Counseling is a serious discussion between a supervisor and an employee designed to correct employee problems. Counseling is planned, has a specific purpose, and is intended to result in a specific action(s). When the supervisor identifies a problem that requires more than a coaching session or determines that coaching has failed to resolve a problem, he or she should make arrangements to conduct a Counseling Session with the employee.
Counseling. In the event that a worker's performance or conduct appears to be unsatisfactory or needing improvement, informal verbal or written counseling shall be provided by the workers immediate supervisor. Counseling should be separate from ongoing work site dialogue and should address performance or conduct which, if not improved, may eventually result in a negative evaluation or disciplinary action. Documentation of such counseling shall be given to the worker at the time of the counseling and will not be placed in a workers personnel file. When the situation allows counseling, counseling shall be used prior to any unfavorable reports being issued. Counseling should normally take place between the worker and the immediate supervisor.
Counseling. 1. Each intern is guided by the professionals of Party A who are in charge of his/her job contents and skills