Specialists Sample Clauses

Specialists. Persons working within a juridical person who possess uncommon knowledge essential to the commercial presence’s production, research equipment, techniques or management. In assessing such knowledge, account will be taken not only of knowledge specific to the commercial presence, but also of whether the person has a high level of qualification referring to a type of work or trade requiring specific technical knowledge, including membership of an accredited profession.
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Specialists. Specialists will have preparation time comparable to other certificated employees.
Specialists. Direct Doctors Physicians shall coordinate with medical specialists to whom Patient is referred to assist Patient in obtaining specialty care. Patient understands that fees paid under this Agreement do not include and do not cover Specialists’ fees or fees due to any medical professional other than Direct Doctors Physicians.
Specialists. Persons on the teacher salary schedule moving to the specialist salary schedule shall be placed as follows:
Specialists. The Unit Member will remain with the Specialist and the student or students, unless the purpose of the Specialist is to provide preparation time for the Unit Member.
Specialists. Some teachers/specialists within a department may agree that they will teach more students than the contract limit allows, so that other teachers/specialists within the same department may have reduced total numbers, provided that the total number shared by all teachers/specialists involved does not exceed the daily load limit times the number of teachers/specialists involved. Individual classes affected by such a configuration that exceed contractual class size limits will not receive the contractual remedy.
Specialists. 19-3-1 Every reasonable effort will be made to assign Specialists (e.g. – art, music, physical education, speech and hearing therapists, nurses, counselors, psychologists, resource teachers and special education teachers) to tracks in the same manner as teachers. Custom contracts may be offered to Specialists as needed.
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Specialists. A. The Board and the Association recognizes the fact that an adequate number of competent specialists is essential to the operation of an effective educational program. The following number of qualified specialists in each of the listed categories will be considered to be a goal (not requirement) of the Board if sufficient funds are available.
Specialists. Although every teacher is considered a specialist in her/his own particular area of competence, for the purpose of this Section, Specialists shall be defined as individuals whose general conditions of employment vary from those of the regular classroom teacher in that their position is affected by physical limitation or requires a different atmosphere within which they are required to do their job; further specialized certification, mobility or skills specific to do their particular area of instruction. Such Specialists' condition will be regulated as follows:
Specialists. Each SSP will be compensated with a stipend of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250) per mentee, per semester.
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