Consult Sample Clauses

Consult. Regular consultation meetings for Xxxxxxxx Charter School shall be held exclusively between Xxxxxxxx Charter School teachers and the Xxxxxxxx Charter School administration.
Consult. To consider and take input from before implementation but not requiring agreement, approval, or consensus.
Consult. A. Once a month, upon the request of either party, there shall be a meeting among the Association’s Chief Negotiator, the Association’s President and up to three additional representatives with the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and up to three individuals who may offer expertise in the areas of interest for the purposes of consulting with the District on the definition of educational objectives, the determination of the content of courses and curriculum, and the selection of textbooks to the extent such matters are within the discretion of the public school employer under the law(Government Code 3453.2(a)).
Consult with Implant Sciences with regard to the development of anneal techniques for implanted GaN and related alloys.
Consult. Not all businesses are the same, which is why we will assign you with a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a bespoke cleaning program to meet your specific needs. SERVPRO has worked in a wide variety of industries with businesses ranging from start-ups to global, multinational organizations. That’s why we know to begin such a critical cleaning process with a consultation. Your specific program will be developed based on a range of factors including business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touch points, foot traffic and congestion points. As a result, you’ll know that Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is not just an industry leading standard in clean, you’ll know that the clean you receive is customized to your need.
Consult. Merck may, at Merck’s discretion and to the extent determined by Merck, consult with Sutro regarding cGMP quality, regulatory requirements, technical matters, and performance standards related to any aspect of the supply and Manufacture of Compound, Product, Cell-Free Extract, Custom Reagents and/or any other materials used in the Manufacture of Compound or Product; provided that Sutro is not obligated to provide any Cell-Free Extract Know-How pursuant to the foregoing except as expressly provided in this Section 4.4, Section 3.4, or Schedule 4.1, and as may be agreed to in any Supply Agreement or associated quality agreement subsequently entered into by the Parties. Any such consultation that is related to Cell-Free Extract Know-How shall be discussed and operationalized by the JCMCC. If the results of such consultation and discussion by the JCMCC is the identification of a technical, regulatory or quality issue potentially related to the Cell-Free Extract that may adversely impact either clinical or commercial supply to Merck and for which Merck reasonably needs access to Cell-Free Extract Know-How to resolve or assist Sutro in resolving such technical, regulatory or quality issue, then Sutro shall promptly provide such necessary Know-How to [*] for the purpose of addressing such technical, regulatory or quality issue [*]. [*] reasonable and customary measures to avoid disclosure of Sutro’s Know-How to Merck’s employees, agents, contractors, officers, and directors without an actual need for such Know-How [*].