Consult Sample Clauses

Consult. Regular consultation meetings for Xxxxxxxx Charter School shall be held exclusively between Xxxxxxxx Charter School teachers and the Xxxxxxxx Charter School administration.
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Consult. Tailor choices and options for maximum benefits EV Charging, battery backup, lighting, colors, and more.
Consult. Meet with the Company upon request to discuss any matter involving the Company or its Subsidiaries, which may involve issues of which the Director has knowledge or expertise. Director acknowledges and agrees that the Company may rely upon Director’s expertise in any business discipline where Director has knowledge and/or experience that may contribute to the facilitation of Company’s operations. Director acknowledges that such requests may involve substantial time and efforts.
Consult consult with the other party on the performance of the obligations referred to in clause 13.3(a) and 13.3(b).
Consult. A. Once a month, upon the request of either party, there shall be a meeting among the Association’s Chief Negotiator, the Association’s President and up to three additional representatives with the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and up to three individuals who may offer expertise in the areas of interest for the purposes of consulting with the District on the definition of educational objectives, the determination of the content of courses and curriculum, and the selection of textbooks to the extent such matters are within the discretion of the public school employer under the law(Government Code 3453.2(a)).
Consult. To consider and take input from before implementation but not requiring agreement, approval, or consensus.
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Consult. Upon request, County Management agrees to meet with representatives of AFSCME Local 830 for the sole purpose of consultation when conducting classification studies which could result in erosion of this bargaining unit. All matters affecting employee relations, including those that are not subject to negotiations are subject to consultation prior to effecting basic changes in any rule or procedures affecting employee relations. Every reasonable effort shall be made to have such consultation prior to effecting basic changes in any rule or procedure affecting employee relations.
Consult. Seek information and advice from an employee with expertise in a particular area.
Consult. It is understood that in application of this Collective Agreement the wording "Agreed to consult with the Union" is defined as: "Agreement to inform, discuss with and consider the opinion of the Union and/or the District Representative".
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