CONSIDERATION PAID. For the purpose of this Agreement, Consideration Paid is defined as:
CONSIDERATION PAID. On April 1, 2002, Buyer shall pay to Seller the sum of Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00).
CONSIDERATION PAID. The consideration for such disposition (or series of related dispositions) shall not be less than the fair market value of the assets sold, leased, transferred or otherwise disposed and, if the aggregate consideration for such disposition (or series of related dispositions) exceeds the Dollar Equivalent of $10,000,000 in the aggregate, the Borrower shall have provided to the Administrative Agent and the Lenders a certificate of the Board of Directors of the Borrower as to the good faith determination of the fair market value of the assets so disposed;
CONSIDERATION PAID. MTS shall reimburse the Contractor for actual costs (including labor costs, employee benefits, overhead, and other direct costs) incurred by the Contractor in performance of the work, in an amount not to exceed $ exclusive of any fixed fee. Actual costs shall not exceed the estimated wage rates and other costs set forth in the Contractor’s proposal. In addition, MTS shall pay the Contractor a fixed fee of $0.00. Said fixed fee shall not be altered unless there is a significant alteration in scope, complexity, or character of the work to be performed. Fees and all other charges will be billed monthly as the work progresses, and the net amount shall be due at the time of billing. Total expenditures made under this contract, including the fixed fee, shall not exceed the sum of $. Payment will be made as set forth in this Agreement; however, payments may be withheld or portions thereof may be deducted or setoffs may be made against Contractor if Contractor is not performing work in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Agreement. The time for payment of invoices or for accepting any discounts offered shall run only from the date of receipt of correct invoices with required certification documents by MTS. Reimbursement for transportation and subsistence costs shall be in accordance with MTS Board Policy No. 44-C.
CONSIDERATION PAID. It is understood that the covenants given in this Section 14 are given to ensure that Umpqua acquires the goodwill of the business of the Company and are an integral part of this Agreement. The parties agree that a total of $200,000 of the Initial Purchase Price is allocated to these covenants which shall be allocated for tax purposes to the Shareholders in proportion to their stock holdings set forth on Schedule 2.1.


  • Consideration Payment 5.1 In consideration of the Company’s Services, the Client shall pay to the Company the Consideration to be stipulated in the Termsheet and all reasonable out of pocket expenses (if any) in accordance with the commercial terms and payment terms as detailed in the Separate Agreement.

  • Settlement Consideration In consideration for the Release provided for herein and the dismissal of the Litigation with prejudice, under the terms of this Settlement Agreement, Defendant agrees to provide consideration to the Settlement Class Members as follows.

  • Cash Consideration In case of the issuance or sale of additional Shares for cash, the consideration received by the Company therefor shall be deemed to be the amount of cash received by the Company for such Shares (or, if such Shares are offered by the Company for subscription, the subscription price, or, if such Shares are sold to underwriters or dealers for public offering without a subscription offering, the public offering price), without deducting therefrom any compensation or discount paid or allowed to underwriters or dealers or others performing similar services or for any expenses incurred in connection therewith.

  • First Consideration The Employer agrees that when a vacancy occurs or a new position is created at the worksite which is within the Union bargaining unit, the Employer shall give its employees, provided there are no employees currently on lay-off, first notice and first consideration in filling the vacancy or new position. Each employee who applies for the vacancy or new position shall be given equal opportunity to demonstrate fitness for the position by formal interview and/or assessment. Where an employee within the bargaining unit is not appointed to fill the vacancy or new position, she shall be given, upon request, an explanation as to why her application was not accepted. The request for reasons must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days of becoming aware that the employee is not the successful candidate, pursuant to Article

  • Consideration Shares The Aggregate Merger Consideration and Aggregate Exchange Consideration, when issued in accordance with the terms hereof, shall be duly authorized and validly issued and allotted, fully paid and non-assessable and issued or allotted in compliance with all applicable Law, including state and federal securities Laws, and not subject to, and not issued in violation of, any Lien, purchase option, call option, right of first refusal, preemptive right, subscription right or any similar right under any provision of applicable Law, PubCo’s Governing Documents, or any Contract to which PubCo is a party or otherwise bound.

  • FINANCIAL CONSIDERATION A. The College/University and the Facility shall each bear their own costs associated with this Agreement and no payment is required by either the College/University or the Facility to the other party, except that, where applicable, the Facility shall pay the tuition and other educational fees of students it places in the clinical experience program.

  • Closing Consideration (a) Subject to Section 2.3, as consideration for the sale of the Acquired Assets to Cypress, at the Closing, Cypress shall pay to Cellatope $2,000,000 in cash via wire transfer to an account designated by Cellatope in writing to Cypress not less than two business days prior to the Closing (the “Closing Consideration”).

  • Total Consideration The aggregate consideration (the "Consideration") payable by the Surviving Partnership in connection with the merger of the Merged Partnership with and into the Surviving Partnership and the contribution of the General Partnership Interest to the Surviving Partnership shall be $4,520,000., subject to adjustments at Closing pursuant to Section 3.9 and costs paid pursuant to Section 3.10(c) and Section 3.11, plus the amount of any tax or other reserves held by the Existing Lender (hereinafter defined).