Concerning Sample Clauses

Concerning brief details of the purpose of the Letter of Credit].]* [3. If it is not possible, pursuant to Clause 3.3 (Banks' Agreement to Optional Currency) of the Facility Agreement, for the Advance to be made in the currency specified, we would wish the Advance to be denominated in dollars.]*[N.B: Only retain in case of Revolving Credit Advance requested in Optional Currency] [3./4. We confirm that, at the date hereof, the representations set out in Clause 23 of the Facility Agreement are true provided that each reference to "Original Financial Statements" therein shall be deemed to be a reference to each most recent set of annual audited financial statements delivered by any Borrower to the Facility Agent pursuant to Clause 24. [4/5.] *[The proceeds of this Utilisation should be credited to [insert account details]]/[The Letter of Credit should be issued in favour of [name of recipient] in the form attached and delivered to the recipient at [address of recipient]].** Yours faithfully ............................. for and on behalf of [NAME OF BORROWER] ---------------------------------------------------------- * Delete as appropriate ** not applicable for Existing Letters of Credit THE FIFTH SCHEDULE Material Subsidiaries Albert Heijn B.V. BI-LO, Inc. Giant Food Stores, Inc. Ahold Vastgoed B.V. Tops Markets, Inc. Schuitema N.V. The Stop & Shop Companies, Inc. THE SIXTH SCHEDULE Existing Letters of Credit Issue Date Issuer No. of Letter Outstanding ($) Expiry Date of Credit
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Concerning. The Production is granted permission to shoot interior and/or exterior photographs and/or film/video in and on the premises of the AM. The work will take place on between the hours of _ and . The end purpose of the images and/or recordings is (project description) . 1 AlliiertenMuseum e.V. Clayallee 135 | OutpostTelefon +49 30 / 81 81 99-0Telefax +49 30 / 81 81 99 www.alliiertenmuseum.deSitz: BerlinAG Charlottenburg