CONCERNING Sample Clauses

CONCERNING. THE BANK -------------------
CONCERNING. (Instructions: Specify any circumstances requiring the Contract to be amended or supplemented. NB: Delete these instructions before using the agreement); the Parties wish to amend/supplement the Contract; the amendments/additions are compatible with procurement law (including, where applicable, sections 2.163a to 2.163g of the Public Procurement Act 2012); <OPTIONAL> the Contracting Authority asked the Contractor on [day/month/year] to submit an additional Quotation; <OPTIONAL> the Contractor submitted an additional Quotation on [day/month/year], which the Contracting Authority accepted; <OPTIONAL> the Contractor is sufficiently aware of what the Contracting Authority wants to achieve with the additional assignment; the Parties wish to lay down the amendments/additions to the Contract in an Amendment Agreement; AGREE AS FOLLOWS:
CONCERNING. Article 10, if after the date of signature of this Agreement the existing system of taxation in Malaysia applicable to the income and distributions of companies is altered by the introduction of a tax on the income or profits of a company (for which no credit or only partial credit is given to its shareholders) and of a further tax on dividends paid by the company, the Malaysian tax on dividends, being dividends paid by a company which is resident in Malaysia for the purposes of Malaysian tax, and to which resident of Hungary is beneficially entitled, shall not exceed 10 per cent of the gross amount of the dividends.
CONCERNING the Custodian ------------------------
CONCERNING. 2 Approval granted Approval extended Approval refused Approval withdrawn Production definitively discontinued of a type of tyre with regard to "rolling sound emission level" and/or "adhesion performance on wet surfaces" and/or "rolling resistance" pursuant to UN Regulation No. 117 Approval No3....................... Suffix(es)4 .......................
CONCERNING. The Production is granted permission to shoot interior and/or exterior photographs and/or film/video in and on the premises of the AM. The work will take place on between the hours of _ and . The end purpose of the images and/or recordings is (project description) . AlliiertenMuseum e.V. Clayallee 135 | Outpost Telefon +49 30 / 81 81 99-0 Telefax +49 30 / 81 81 99 91 Sitz: Berlin AG Charlottenburg
CONCERNING. [Reference the agreement under which the liability arises, describe its nature and quantify it] We confirm that no Default has occurred and is continuing or would result from the requested Utilisation, no Availability Limit will be breached as a result of the requested Utilisation and all the representations and warranties in Clause 19 (Representations and Warranties) of the Facility Agreement which are to be made or repeated as at the date of this L/C Request are true and correct. Yours faithfully for and on behalf of [Borrower]