Code of Virginia Sample Clauses

Code of Virginia. The Mother or Father hereby grants to the Board full custody over the child, with all rights and responsibilities to plan for the child’s future care, protection, maintenance, including the right to place the child for adoption and to consent to the adoption of the child pursuant to §§ 63.2-1221–1223, Code of Virginia. Pursuant to § 63.2-1222, Code of Virginia, this Agreement is valid without the signature of the birth father of a child born out of wedlock if the identity of the father is not reasonably ascertainable; or the father has been given notice of the Agreement and failed to object; or the birth father has been convicted of a violation of subsection A of §18.2-61, §18.2-63 or subsection B of §18.2-366, Code of Virginia, and the child was conceived as a result of the violation. The Board hereby accepts legal custody and assumes full responsibility for the child and agrees to care for, maintain, protect and plan for the child in a manner conducive to the best interests of the child and the State. In witness whereof, all parties received a copy of the Agreement pursuant to § 63.2-1222, Code of Virginia. MOTHER or FATHER DATE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE BOARD DATE STATE OF VIRGINIA COUNTY/CITY OF , ss: I, , a notary public in and for the County/City aforesaid, do certify that ,whose name is signed first to the writing above, has acknowledged the same before me on this day of , 20 . , Notary Public My commission expires: . STATE OF VIRGINIA COUNTY/CITY OF , ss: I, , a notary public in and for the County/City aforesaid, do certify that , whose name is signed last to the writing above, has acknowledged the same before me on this day of , 20 . , Notary Public My commission expires: .
Code of Virginia. 2. The source of an amount estimated at $10,000,000 the first year and $10,000,000 the second year to support the nongeneral fund appropriation to the Virginia Natural Resources Commitment Fund shall be the recordation tax fee established in Part 3 of this act.
Code of Virginia. 3. Provide the preceptor with the name of the assigned student and planned educational objectives.
Code of Virginia each insurer that offers coverage for a family member of the insured...shall...also provide that the accident and sickness insurance benefits applicable for children shall be payable with respect to adopted children ...
Code of Virginia. It is intended that although the Department retains legal custody of the child, the xxxxxx parent(s) will become involved in the total responsibility of caring for the child and will provide him with a sense of family by participating actively in his/her day to day living. This permanent placement is intended to allow, but not require, the preservation of ties to biological parents while giving the child daily affection, stability, and a long-term relationship with other parental figures. I/we, the xxxxxx parent(s), pursuant to §63.2-908 (C), Code of Virginia, shall have the authority, unless modified by court order, to consent to surgery, entrance into the armed forces, marriage, application for motor vehicle and operator’s license, application for admission into college and any other such activities that require parental consent. I/we are required to advise the Department in writing when I/we consent to any of the activities described in this clause. I/we, the xxxxxx parent(s), and the Department will request of the Court that the authority to consent to the following activities remain with the Department: I/we, the xxxxxx parents, will obtain prior consent from the Department for any bills to be paid by the Department. The child must receive the same services and benefits as any other child in xxxxxx care pursuant to §63.2-908 (D), Code of Virginia. The standards and rates used for maintenance, care and personal items must be at least equal to those established for other children in xxxxxx care. These rates, which will be paid by the Department, are as follows: Room and Board , Clothing , Personal Allowance , and Personal Care and Recreation . The LDSS shall visit the xxxxxx home within 30 days of the court order authorizing this permanent placement and make face-to-face visits with the child monthly thereafter and be available for consultation when requested by the xxxxxx parents or child. Over half the visits shall occur in the youth's place of residence. I/we, the xxxxxx parent(s), will assure responsibility for working with the Department to assure the permanency of this placement. The child must not be removed from the physical custody of the xxxxxx parents, except: When the Permanent Xxxxxx Care Order is modified by the court order; or Under an emergency removal order; or In accordance with child abuse and neglect procedures. (Placement of a child in residential care or a hospital for treatment purposes where the child is expected to return to the...
Code of Virginia. Failure to provide the annual affidavit may be grounds for suspension of the subsidy payment until such time as the affidavit is provided. OASIS: The path to the cover letter & affidavit form is: Workload, Other, DocTrkg.
Code of Virginia. Child with special needs” shall mean...This term shall also include a child for whom the factors set out in subdivision (b) 1 or (b) 2 are present at the time of adoption but are not diagnosed until after the final order of adoption is entered and no more than one year has elapsed.