CLEC Sample Clauses

CLEC. 1 shall not knowingly assign to the BellSouth Premises any individual who was a former contractor of BellSouth and whose access to a BellSouth Premises was revoked due to commission of a criminal offense whether or not XxxxXxxxx sought prosecution of the individual for the criminal offense.
CLEC. 1 shall not assign to the BellSouth Premises any personnel with records of felony criminal convictions. CLEC-1 shall not assign to the BellSouth Premises any personnel with records of misdemeanor convictions, except for misdemeanor traffic violations, without advising BellSouth of the nature and gravity of the offense(s). XxxxXxxxx reserves the right to refuse building access to any CLEC-1 personnel who have been identified to have misdemeanor criminal convictions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that CLEC-1 chooses not to advise BellSouth of the nature and gravity of any misdemeanor conviction, CLEC-1 may, in the alternative, certify to BellSouth that it shall not assign to the BellSouth Premises any personnel with records of misdemeanor convictions (other than misdemeanor traffic violations).
CLEC. 1 shall provide a concrete pad, the structure housing the arrangement, heating/ventilation/air conditioning (“HVAC”), lighting, and all facilities that connect the structure (i.e. racking, conduits, etc.) to the BellSouth point of demarcation. At CLEC-1’s option, and where the local authority having jurisdiction permits, BellSouth shall provide an AC power source and access to physical collocation services and facilities subject to the same nondiscriminatory requirements as applicable to any other physical collocation arrangement. CLEC-1’s Certified Contractor shall be responsible, at CLEC-1’s expense, for filing and receiving any and all necessary zoning, permits and/or licenses for such arrangement.
CLEC. 1 shall furnish all relevant information required by BellSouth for the provision of the Optional Daily Usage File.
CLEC. 1 shall have access, for test, repair, and maintenance purposes, to any loop as to which it has access to the High Frequency Spectrum. CLEC-1 may access the loop at the point where the combined voice and data signal exits the central office splitter.
CLEC. 1 shall not knowingly assign to the BellSouth Premises any individual who was a former employee of XxxxXxxxx and whose employment with XxxxXxxxx was terminated for a criminal offense whether or not BellSouth sought prosecution of the individual for the criminal offense.
CLEC. (“CLEC”) is a corporation chartered in the State of . CLEC maintains an office at . CLEC is more fully described in EXHIBIT II (“Identification of CLEC”).

Related to CLEC

  • System Upgrades The Connecting Transmission Owner shall procure, construct, install, and own the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. To the extent that design work is necessary in addition to that already accomplished in the Class Year Interconnection Facilities Study for the Interconnection Customer, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall perform or cause to be performed such work. If all the Parties agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades.

  • Network Upgrades The Transmission Owner shall design, procure, construct, install, and own the Network Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. If the Transmission Owner and the Interconnection Customer agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct Network Upgrades that are located on land owned by the Interconnection Customer. Unless the Transmission Owner elects to pay for Network Upgrades, the actual cost of the Network Upgrades, including overheads, shall be borne initially by the Interconnection Customer.

  • CLEC OUTAGE For a problem limited to one CLEC (or a building with multiple CLECs), BellSouth has several options available for restoring service quickly. For those CLECs that have agreements with other CLECs, BellSouth can immediately start directing traffic to a provisional CLEC for completion. This alternative is dependent upon BellSouth having concurrence from the affected CLECs. Whether or not the affected CLECs have requested a traffic transfer to another CLEC will not impact BellSouth's resolve to re-establish traffic to the original destination as quickly as possible.

  • Bandwidth the amount of data (quantified as “Mbps” or “Gbps”) made available to Customer as specified in a Service Order.

  • Contract Migration Authorized Users holding individual Contracts with a Contractor at the time that Contractor is awarded a Centralized Contract for the same Products or services shall be permitted to migrate to that Centralized Contract effective with its commencement date. Such migration shall not operate to diminish, alter or eliminate any right that the Authorized User otherwise had under the terms and conditions of their individual Contract.

  • Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.

  • CLOUD SERVICE The Cloud Service offering, is described below and is specified in an Order Document for the selected entitled offerings. The Order Document will consist of the Quotation that is provided and the Proof of Entitlement (XxX) you will receive confirming the start date and term of the Cloud Services and when invoicing will commence.

  • Provider Network The HMO must enter into written contracts with properly credentialed Providers as described in this Section. The Provider contracts must comply with the Uniform Managed Care Manual’s requirements. The HMO must maintain a Provider Network sufficient to provide all Members with access to the full range of Covered Services required under the Contract. The HMO must ensure its Providers and subcontractors meet all current and future state and federal eligibility criteria, reporting requirements, and any other applicable rules and/or regulations related to the Contract. The Provider Network must be responsive to the linguistic, cultural, and other unique needs of any minority, elderly, or disabled individuals, or other special population in the Service Areas and HMO Programs served by the HMO, including the capacity to communicate with Members in languages other than English, when necessary, as well as with those who are deaf or hearing impaired. The HMO must seek to obtain the participation in its Provider Network of qualified providers currently serving the Medicaid and CHIP Members in the HMO’s proposed Service Area(s). Medicaid HMOs utilizing Out-of-Network providers to render services to their Members must not exceed the utilization standards established in 1 T.A.C. §353.4. HHSC may modify this requirement for Medicaid HMOs that demonstrate good cause for noncompliance, as set forth in §353.4(e)(3).

  • Alerts Certain Services described in this Agreement may have the capability to send you informational alerts. Such Services may from time to time provide automatic alerts and voluntary alerts. Voluntary alerts may be turned on by default as part of the Service. They may then be customized, deactivated and reactivated by you. In our sole discretion, we may add new alert types and/or discontinue alert types at any time and from time to time without notice to you. Within the applicable Service application, you may designate an email address and/or the number of a Wireless Device that accepts text messages for alerts, or if using a mobile Service application on your Wireless Device you may be able to receive alerts through a push notification system within the application (data and text message fees imposed by your mobile service provider may apply to alerts received on your Wireless Device). If the email address or Wireless Device number that you use for alerts changes, you are responsible for informing us of that change. Some alerts may include information about your financial accounts, products and services, such as an account balance or the due date for a loan payment. You should be aware that anyone with access to your email will be able to view the content of these alerts. You understand and agree that any alerts provided to you may be delayed or prevented by a variety of factors. We do not guarantee either the delivery or the accuracy of the content of any alert. You agree that we will not be liable for (i) any delays, failure to deliver, or misdirected delivery of any alert, (ii) any errors in the content of an alert, or (iii) any actions taken or not taken by you or any third party in reliance on an alert.

  • Software Upgrades Upgrade versions of licensed software/apps are available from time to time. Students may be required to check in their devices for periodic updates and synching.