Contract Migration Authorized Users holding Sample Clauses

Contract Migration Authorized Users holding individual Contracts with a Contractor at the time that Contractor is awarded a Centralized Contract for the same Products or services shall be permitted to migrate to that Centralized Contract effective with its commencement date. Such migration shall not operate to diminish, alter or eliminate any right that the Authorized User otherwise had under the terms and conditions of their individual Contract.

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  • Additional Requirements from Authorized Users An Authorized User may have distinct requirements that must be met by all individuals employed by or working for the Authorized User. The Contractor’s Staff Members will be expected to comply with these requirements as a condition of the placement.

  • Authorized User You are responsible for: (1) obtaining permission from each Authorized User before requesting that we add that person as an Authorized User on your Account; (2) providing each Authorized User with a copy of this Agreement and any other Account material we send; and, (3) notifying us to remove an Authorized User and retrieving the Card, any access checks and other credit devices from the Authorized User. We have discretion to remove an Authorized User from your Account at any time for any reason as permitted by applicable law. You will remain liable for any transaction(s) the Authorized User makes to your Account. If we remove an Authorized User we will close your Account and issue you a new Card. You agree that an Authorized User can have access to limited Account information, including Account balance, the Total Minimum Payment Due on your Account, and the amount of the last payment. An Authorized User cannot add other Authorized Users. Notice to you will be considered notice to you and all Authorized Users. We may report information about your Account to credit reporting agencies in the Authorized User’s name that may appear on their credit report. Authorized Users can make payments on your Account.

  • Authorized Users Authorized Users" are: