CITY OF TERRACE Sample Clauses

CITY OF TERRACE. 0000 Xxx Xxxxxx, Terrace, BC V8G 1X6 (the "City") (the Prime “Contractor") The City and the Prime Contractor agree as follows:
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CITY OF TERRACE. TENDER FORM Contract: 0000 XXXXX XXXXXX RECONSTRUCTION (Sparks Street to Kalum Street) Reference No. PWA-09-2290
CITY OF TERRACE. Collective Agreement January December An employee who receives wage loss benefits from or shall reimburse the City for benefits received under Article up to the amount of: benefits received from the City under Article or benefits received from or and designated as compensation for loss of wages, whichever is less. General I of Leave of absence, without pay and without loss of seniority, may be granted by a Department Head to an employee requesting such leave, for good and sufficient cause. Such request shall be in writing, and the Department Head’s reply shall be in writing and shall state the conditions of the employee’s return to work. An employee should discuss continuation of benefits with the City to ascertain which benefits may be continued and the costs, if any, of continuing the benefits. An employee, upon receiving approval of his immediate supervisor, shall be entitled to leave of absence for medical, dental and physiotherapy appointments for the employee and his spouse and children where such appointments cannot be reasonably scheduled outside of regular working hours. At a time mutually agreeable between the City and the employee, the employee shall have the opportunity to make up the ‘lost time at their regular rate of pay. Such leave shall not be unreasonably withheld. When no one in the family other than the employee can provide for the needs of an immediate member of the family during an illness, that employee may request an unpaid leave of absence to a maximum of two days per illness and six days per calendar year. Immediate family is defined as a child or spouse. Such leave shall not be unreasonably withheld. At a time mutually agreeable between the City and the employee, the employee shall have the opportunity to make up the lost time at his regular rate of pay. . The City and the Union shall jointly apply annually for the Employment Insurance Reduction. The employees’ share of the rebate shall be forwarded to the Union. Application to be made for any retroactive amounts the parties are eligible for. -and- City of Terrace reement January Page December Local Ag .


  • Areas of Cooperation The Parties will cooperate, in particular, in the following areas of common interest:

  • Conduct of Local Church Operations From the date of this Disaffiliation Agreement through and until the Closing, the Local Church: (a) will conduct its operations substantially in accordance with past practice and will use commercially reasonable efforts, subject to the foregoing, to maintain and preserve its operations and organization consistent with past practice and efficient and economical management, (b) will not take any action that is inconsistent with its charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code or that otherwise adversely affects its tax-exempt status, and (c) will not take any action that would cause its representations and warranties in this Disaffiliation Agreement not to remain true and correct as of Closing, except with the prior written consent of the Annual Conference.

  • MIDDLE SCHOOLS 1. Where there are no negotiated provisions concerning the implementation or operation of a middle school program, this article shall govern the implementation or operation of a middle school program in a school district.

  • Mining and Industrial Cooperation 1. The aims of cooperation in mining and industry sectors, carried out in the mutual interest of the Parties and in compliance with their policies, will be: (a) to focus cooperative activities towards sectors where mutual and complementary interests exist; and (b) to build on existing agreements and arrangements already in place between the Parties. 2. Mining and Industrial cooperation may include work in, but not be limited to, the following areas: (a) bio-mining (mining using biotechnology procedures); (b) mining techniques, specially underground mining, and conventional metallurgy; (c) productivity in mining; (d) industrial robotics for mining and other sector applications; (e) informatics and telecommunication applications for mining and industrial plant production; and (f) software development for mining and industrial applications. 3. The Parties will encourage and facilitate, as appropriate, the following activities including, but not limited to: (a) exchange of information, documentation and institutional contacts in areas of interest; (b) mutual access to academic, industrial and entrepreneurial networks in the area of mining and industry; (c) identification of strategies, in consultation with universities and research centres, that encourage joint postgraduate studies, research visits and joint research projects; (d) exchange of scientists, researchers and technical experts; (e) promotion of public/private sector partnerships and joint ventures in the support of the development of innovative products and services specially related to productivity in the sector activities; (f) technology transfer in the areas mentioned in paragraph 2; (g) designing of innovation technology models based in public/private cooperation and association ventures; and (h) information and experience exchange on mining environmental issues.

  • PUBLIC WORKS AND BUILDING SERVICES CONTRACTS Work being done under a resulting Authorized User Agreement may be subject to the prevailing wage rate provisions of the New York State Labor Law. Such work will be identified by the Authorized User within the RFQ. See “Prevailing Wage Rates – Public Works and Building Services Contracts’ in Appendix B, Clause 10, OGS General Specifications. Any federal or State determination of a violation of any public works law or regulation, or labor law or regulation, or any OSHA violation deemed "serious or willful" may be grounds for a determination of vendor non-responsibility and rejection of proposal. The Prevailing Wage Case Number for this Contract is PRC# 2014011745. The Prevailing Wage Rates for various occupations and General Provisions of Laws Covering Workers on Article 8 Public Work Contract can be accessed at the following NYS Department of Labor website: xxxxx://  Insert PRC# 2014011745 in the box provided and click Submit.  Click Wage Schedule located underneath the main header of this page. The PDF file may be searched to obtain the Prevailing Wage Rate for a specific occupation. SHORT TERM EXTENSION In the event a replacement Contract has not been issued, any Contract let and awarded hereunder by the State, may be extended unilaterally by the State for an additional period of up to 3 months upon notice to the Contractor with the same terms and conditions as the original Contract including, but not limited to, prices and delivery requirements. With the concurrence of the Contractor, the extension may be for a period of up to 6 months in lieu of 3 months. However, this extension terminates should the replacement Contract be issued in the interim. PROCUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS Authorized Users should refer to the documents attached as Appendix G – Processes and Forms Templates for specific instructions on the usage of this Contract. OGS reserves the right to unilaterally make revisions, changes, additions and/or updates to the documents attached as Appendix G - Processes and Forms Templates without processing a formal amendment and/or modification. SPECIFICATIONS During the term of the Contract, the Authorized User may request Product specifications for particular items that have been included by the Contractor in its Pricing Pages. These specifications will be provided by the Contractor at no cost.

  • IDENTITY OF THE PROPERTY 11.1 The Purchaser shall admit the identity of the Property with that described in the Proclamation of Sale and such other documents offered by the Assignee/Bank as the title to the Property by a comparison of the description in the Proclamation of Sale and the aforesaid documents.

  • USE OF U.S. FOREST SERVICE INSIGNIA In order for the Cooperators to use the U.S. Forest Service insignia on any published media, such as a Web page, printed publication, or audiovisual production, permission must be granted from the U.S. Forest Service’s Office of Communications. A written request must be submitted and approval granted in writing by the Office of Communications (Washington Office) prior to use of the insignia.

  • Public Access to Nonprofit Records and Meetings If Contractor receives a cumulative total per year of at least $250,000 in City funds or City-administered funds and is a non-profit organization as defined in Chapter 12L of the San Francisco Administrative Code, Contractor must comply with the City’s Public Access to Nonprofit Records and Meetings requirements, as set forth in Chapter 12L of the San Francisco Administrative Code, including the remedies provided therein.

  • ACCESS TO SECURITY LOGS AND REPORTS Upon request, the Contractor shall provide access to security logs and reports to the State or Authorized User in a format as specified in the Authorized User Agreement.

  • Records Maintenance and Access Grantee must maintain all financial records relating to this Grant in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. In addition, Grantee must maintain any other records, whether in paper, electronic or other form, pertinent to this Grant in such a manner as to clearly document Grantee’s performance. All financial records and other records, whether in paper, electronic or other form, that are pertinent to this Grant, are collectively referred to as “Records.” Grantee acknowledges and agrees Agency and the Oregon Secretary of State's Office and the federal government and their duly authorized representatives will have access to all Records to perform examinations and audits and make excerpts and transcripts. Grantee must retain and keep accessible all Records for a minimum of six (6) years, or such longer period as may be required by applicable law, following termination of this Grant, or until the conclusion of any audit, controversy or litigation arising out of or related to this Grant, whichever date is later.

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