Permitted Investments definition

Permitted Investments means:
Permitted Investments. At any time, any one or more of the following obligations and securities:
Permitted Investments. One or more of the following:

Examples of Permitted Investments in a sentence

  • In addition, in the event that an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, the Collateral Agent shall have the right at any time to exchange, or direct the applicable Pledged Account Bank to exchange, such Permitted Investments for similar Permitted Investments of smaller or larger determinations, or for Permitted Investments, credited to the Collateral Account.

  • Make or suffer to exist any loans, guaranties, advances, or investments (“Investments”), except for Permitted Investments.

  • Interest and proceeds that are not invested or reinvested in Permitted Investments as provided above shall be deposited and held in the Collateral Account.

  • The City further covenants that it will invest moneys in the Project Fund only in Permitted Investments (as defined in the Resolution) and that it will invest moneys in the Sinking Fund only in Sinking Fund Investments (as defined in the Resolution).

  • This document has esignatur Agreement-ID: 8e568chNKpH251445225 The Issuer shall procure that all new development projects including Permitted Investments within the Group for which the Guarantor is the ultimate parent are carried out within the direct or indirect Subsidiaries of the Issuer.

More Definitions of Permitted Investments

Permitted Investments. Any one or more of the following obligations or securities acquired at a purchase price of not greater than par, regardless of whether issued by the Servicer, the Trustee or any of their respective Affiliates:
Permitted Investments means any of the following:
Permitted Investments has the meaning set forth in Section 6.3.
Permitted Investments as defined in Code Sections 860G(a)(3) and (5), respectively, and (ii) no property shall be contributed to the REMIC after the start-up day unless such contribution would not subject the Trust Estate to the 100% tax on contributions to a REMIC after the start-up day of the REMIC imposed by Code Section 860G(d).
Permitted Investments. Any one or more of the following obligations or securities held in the name of the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders:
Permitted Investments means all investments (other than Properties and Loans) in which the Partnership acquires an interest, either directly or indirectly, including through ownership interests in a joint venture or other entity, pursuant to the Certificate, this Agreement and the investment objectives and policies adopted by the General Partner from time to time, other than short-term investments acquired for purposes of cash management, and that allow the General Partner to meet the REIT Requirements.
Permitted Investments means book-entry securities, negotiable instruments or securities represented by instruments in bearer or registered form that evidence: