Carriers Sample Clauses

Carriers. The carriers (including airlines, rail and sea carriers used in association with the tours) are not responsible for statements or features in Tour Brochures. The conditions of sale of each carrier constitute a separate contract between You and the carrier and We have no responsibility in relation to contracts between You and the carriers.
Carriers. Determination of eligibility and payment of benefits is a function of the insurance carrier. Employees are bound by the terms and conditions of the carrier. The Employer reserves the right to select or change insurance carriers or become self-insured providing the level of benefits is substantially equivalent.
Carriers. Landlord and Tenant shall each cause its respective insurance carrier(s) to consent to such waiver of all rights of subrogation against the other, and to issue an endorsement to all policies of insurance obtained by such party confirming that the foregoing release and waiver will not invalidate such policies.
Carriers. Customers Carrier shall be responsible for all contacts and arrangements with its customers concerning the provision and maintenance, and the billing and collection, of charges for Services furnished to Carrier’s customers.
Carriers. The Employer retains the right to change insurance carriers, providing substantially equivalent insurance is provided.
Carriers. Any insurance carried and maintained by Lessee pursuant to this Paragraph 3.03 shall be underwritten by an insurance company which (i) has, at the time such insurance is placed and at the time of each renewal thereof, a general policyholder rating of "A" and a financial rating of at least VIII from A.M. Best Company or any successor thereto (or if there is none, an organization having a similar national reputation) or (ii) is otherwise approved by Lessor and Required Participants; provided, however, that, any insurance company underwriting Lessee's earthquake and flood insurance shall be acceptable as long as each such insurance company has a general policyholder rating of "A-" and a financial rating of at least VIII from A.M. Best Company on the date such insurance is placed.
Carriers. All policies of insurance required to be obtained by the Developer and its contractors pursuant to this Agreement shall be maintained with insurance carriers that are satisfactory to and as reasonably approved by City, and lawfully authorized to issue insurance in the state of Texas for the types and amounts of insurance required herein. All insurance companies providing the required insurance shall be authorized to transact business in Texas and rated at least “A” by AM Best or other equivalent rating service. All policies must be written on a primary basis, non-contributory with any other insurance coverage and/or self-insurance maintained by the City. All insurance coverage required herein shall be evidenced by a certificate of insurance and policy endorsements submitted by the Developer’s and its contractors’ insurer or broker. Certificates of insurance and policy endorsements received from any other source will be rejected.
Carriers. The Employer shall provide to each person and the Union a copy of the current information booklets for those benefits provided under this Article. It is clearly understood that the Employer's obligation pursuant to this collective agreement is to pay its share of the billed premiums for the plans. The Employer will notify the Union if it intends to change the insurance carrier provided the benefit levels remain the same.
Carriers. By entering into this Agreement, the Union and the affected employees acknowledge and agree that nothing contained in this Agreement will preclude the Employer from changing insurance carriers (or becoming self-insured) and/or reducing the level of insurance coverage(s) to reasonable amounts as determined by consideration of all of the factors involved in the extent of the change and the impact on premiums, etc., as a cost-containment effort or otherwise, where there is a significant business need to do so. Provided, however, before making any adjustments to the coverage(s) or employee amount of premium payments, the Employer agrees to consult with the Union representatives on the Insurance Committee. In the event of an impasse in such negotiations, the issue of whether the change of coverage was ‘reasonable,’ as provided earlier in this section, shall be subject to grievance arbitration in accordance with this agreement.
Carriers. Nutrient medium shall be used in making stock solutions of the test chemical. If a carrier other than nutrient medium is absolutely necessary to dissolve the chemical, the volume used shall not exceed the min- imum volume necessary to dissolve or suspend the chemical in the test solu- tion.