Buyer and Sample Clauses

Buyer and. Seller acknowledge and agree that neither of them shall cause this Agreement, or any memorandum thereof, to be recorded.
Buyer and. Stockholders shall each pay to the Escrow ------------ Agent one-half the fee determined by the Escrow Agent, from time to time, to be applicable to this escrow and bear all costs and expenses incurred by the Escrow Agent in connection therewith. The Escrow Agent's fees, as in effect on the date hereof, are attached hereto as Schedule A. ----------
Buyer and. Sellers acknowledge that Watson Cogen Company is subject to pending California Proposition 8 property tax appeals that relate to property tax for the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and further acknowledge that the resolution of the issues pursuant to such property tax appeals could give rise to property tax refunds or to additional tax payments. Buyer and Sellers agree that any such property tax refunds or tax payments related to any Pre-Closing Date Taxable Period are the sole entitlement or obligation of the Sellers to the extent of Sellersownership percentage in the Watson Cogen Company as of the Closing Date. To the extent that the resolution of an issue results in a property tax refund or a tax payment, Buyer and Sellers will settle the amount within thirty (30) days of the date of the issuance of the refund check, or within thirty (30) days of the date the tax payment becomes due.
Buyer and. Sellers acknowledge and agree that the lender that funded the Closing Deposit may provide notices under this Section 4.05 directly to Sellers pursuant to the requirements of Section 12.01. Buyer hereby authorizes Sellers, and Sellers hereby agree, to accept such notices from such lender under this Section 4.05 as if given by Buyer.
Buyer and. Merger Sub are not a party to or bound by any union or collective bargaining Contract. 4.12.3 Since January 1, 2001, Buyer and Merger Sub have not experienced any labor problem that was or is material to it. 4.13
Buyer and. Sellers acknowledge that this Agreement constitutes a relevant transfer of the whole of the Sellers' undertaking relating to the Business for the purposes of the Regulations.
Buyer and. Sellers acknowledge that all information furnished to or obtained by Buyer or Buyer Representatives pursuant to this Section 6.2 shall be subject to the provisions of the Confidentiality Agreement and shall be treated as "Proprietary Information" (as defined in Section 1.1).
Buyer and. [Holder] hereby severally agree to indemnify Escrow Agent for, and hold it harmless against, any and all claims, suits, actions, proceedings, investigations, judgments, deficiencies, damages, settlements, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and expenses of attorneys chosen by Escrow Agent) as and when incurred, arising out of or based upon any act, omission, alleged act or alleged omission by Escrow Agent or any other cause, in any case in connection with the acceptance of, or performance or non-performance by Escrow Agent of, any of Escrow Agent’s duties under this Escrow Agreement, except as a result of Escrow Agent’s willful misconduct, gross negligence, bad faith or willful breach of this Escrow Agreement. The parties shall severally allocate the responsibility for the indemnity obligations contained in this Section 7.4 in the same manner as the responsibility for fees and expenses are allocated in Section 7.3. The foregoing indemnity shall survive the termination of this Escrow Agreement. Except in cases of Escrow Agent’s willful misconduct, gross negligence, bad faith or willful breach of this Escrow Agreement, Escrow Agent shall be fully protected by acting in reliance upon any certificate, statement, request, notice, advice, direction or other agreement or instrument or signature believed by Escrow Agent to be genuine, by assuming that any Person (as defined in Section 16.4) purporting to give Escrow Agent any of the foregoing in accordance with the provisions hereof, or in connection with either this Escrow Agreement or Escrow Agent’s duties hereunder, has been duly authorized to do so, or by acting or failing to act in good faith on the advice of any counsel retained by Escrow Agent. Escrow Agent shall not be liable for any mistake of fact or law or any error of judgment, or for any act or omission, except as a result of its willful misconduct, gross negligence, bad faith or willful breach of this Escrow Agreement.