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Barley. The crop is mainly used for animal fodder production and in a less degree for food production. It has close qualities to wheat but has less exigent to soils quality and but more vulnerable to cold xxxxxxx. The Group is focusing on production of winter barley thanks to higher yields compared to spring barley. Opposite to winter barley, spring barley production generally used in seed production activities. • Rapeseed. The crop is mainly used for biodiesel production, fodder and other purposes. This crop is highly marginal but has exposure to risks of cold temperature during dormant period. Thanks to its ability to generate high incomes per hectare in can easily substitute sunflower without drop in sales. • Soy beans. The crop is commonly used as source of plant protein. Cropping soy beans is one of strategic focuses of the Group due to its ability to generate high income per hectare and high demand from food processing industry. The Group is also engaged in production of other crops such as corn, triticale, peas, buckwheat. The table below summarizes crop rotation applied by the Group during 2008–2010 seasons Harvested area, hectares Crop 2008 2009 2010 Sunflower 8,974 9,262 14,973 Winter wheat 6,961 8,350 5,660 Winter barley 898 2,991 2,945 Soybeans – – 425 Spring barley 1,440 2,608 332 Rapeseed 1,148 1,179 – Other crops 271 138 122 Fallow land 4,065 1,145 1,000 Total 23,757 25,673 25,457 The Group harvests substantial share of sunflower for several reasons: sunflower is high marginal and liquid commodity which helped the Group to secure stable financial position during crisis and was also used as a part of crop-rotation scheme related to preparation of land in respect of own farming model. The management plans to reduce share of sunflower by substituting it with winter wheat, soy beans and rapeseed. The following table summarizes Group’s production figures for 2008–2010 periods Crop production, tons Crop 2008 2009 2010 Sunflower 16,037 19,556 29,996 Winter wheat 29,171 30,372 17,206 Winter barley 3,685 11,362 6,521 Spring barley 4,630 6,429 712 Soybeans – – 495 Rapeseed 2,684 1,504 – Other crops 402 690 – Total 56,609 69,914 54,929 In 2010 Ukrainian grain production was damaged by severe weather conditions: cold winter and dry summer which decreased yields. Still, the Group showed yields higher than average Ukrainian proved. Crop yields compared to average Ukrainian, tons per hectare 2008 2009 2010 Group Ukraine Group Ukraine Group Ukraine Wheat* 4.19 3.67...
Barley. Australia is forecasted to double barley exports and reach 4.5 million tons this year. Canada also forecasts to export 33% more barley in 2007/08 (2.0 million tons). The EU is expected to export almost the same volume as in the last year (3.5 million tons). Russia and Kazakhstan are both expected to reach the level of previous year barley exports (2.2 million tons). In Ukraine, the ban on exports is expected to result in a 1.0 million tons decrease in barley exports to 3.9 million tons for the season 2007/08, compared to 4.9 million tons exported in 2006/07. Corn The US, the largest corn producer and exporter in the world, is forecasted to export 57 million tons of corn, a 6% year-on-year increase. Corn exports from Argentina will remain stable compared to 2006/07. China's corn exports are slightly down and expected at 3.0 million tons this year compared to 4.8 million tons a year before. Notwithstanding the export ban in Ukraine, corn exports are expected to reach 1.5 million tons in 2007/08, which is 0.5 million tons more than in 2006/07. Change of the legal status of the land in Ukraine We believe the Ukrainian market has matured sufficiently to lift the moratorium on sale of agricultural land. This may take place in 2008. We believe this should be a positive signal, which will attract new investments in the farming sector, substantially improve sector management and provide access to modern agricultural technology and equipment. This, we believe, will result in further growth of harvest yields, currently significantly lower than in the EU. Once the moratorium is lifted, farming enterprises presently leasing land will have a right of first refusal to buy the land leased and, most likely, will exercise this right. In particular, our land bank is being developed specifically to capitalize on the expected lifting of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land.
Barley. Barley hereby agrees to take all necessary actions to dismiss with prejudice that certain action commenced by Barley against the Corporation, Tawfik and Seller, docket No. ___________ within five (5) days after the Closing Date.

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  • Millwright Shall be qualified to assist and work under the direction and instructions of Millwright I or A. He will work alone at times performing assignments in keeping with his training. He must become proficient in good practices in the areas of fitting, aligning, lubricating and the operation of all shop tools and machines. In addition to the foregoing, he will be exposed to basic principles of hydraulics and pneumatics. He will begin the process of learn- ing techniques required in trouble shooting key production machinery, pipefitting, and basic welding, but will not be expected to display a high degree of proficiency in these areas at this point. He will be required to have the necessary tools to perform his duties. Under direction, will continue to develop skills in trouble shooting all plant equipment. Millwright Must be capable of performing the tasks of fitting, aligning, and able to operate all shop tools and machines. Must, under direction, become proficient in basic welding and pipe-fitting as well as dismantling and reassembly of plant He may work alone frequently, but occasionally will require direc- tion and instructions from Millwright I, or A. Must, under direction, become proficient at effective methods of trouble shooting and repairing hydraulic, pneumatic and mechan- ical faults in plant machinery. Millwright Must be capable, without direction, of fitting, aligning, lubricating, taking apart and reassembling plant equipment. In addition, is expected to be to weld, operate shop tools and do pipefitting as required. Under direction will begin the process of learning machining and continue to improve his skills at machining parts. Millwright I Must be capable, without direction, of performing all practices under Millwright Must under direction, become proficient at reading and understanding blueprints, all phases of installing new equipment, laying out hydraulic and mechanical drives and meet speed and power requirements correctly. Millwright A Must be capable, without direction, of performing all practices under Millwright I, and Must take full responsibility for work done by himself or his assistant. Must be in possession of a Millwright Certificate or a Machinist Certificate or Welder Certificate. Must be in possession of a ProvincialTrades Certificate recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Filer Trainee Trains on saw and knife changes and knife grinding Filer C He shall be capable under direction of performing all changes and knife grinding. Filer B He shall be capable under direction of performing all changes and knife grinding bench, fitting and sharpening saws. Filer A He shall be capable without direction of performing all jobs listed under

  • Pendahuluan Perdagangan Internasional adalah perdagangan antar negara yang melibatkan dua negara atau lebih, terdiri atas ekspor xxx impor. Pengertian perdagangan luar negeri atau perdagangan internasional dalam UU No.7 Tahun 2014 Pasal 1 ayat 4, yaitu “Perdagangan luar negeri adalah perdagangan yang mencakup kegiatan ekspor/impor atas barang atau xxxx xxxx melampaui batas wilayah negara”. Perdagangan Internasional mencakup ekspor xxx impor, “Ekspor adalah kegiatan mengeluarkan barang dari daerah pabean” menurut UU No. 17 tahun 2006 pasal 1 ayat 14. Pada pasal yang sama dalam ayat 13 “Impor adalah kegiatan memasukkan barang ke dalam daerah pabean”. Hambatan perdagangan internasional dapat berupa tarif maupun non-tarif. Beberapa xxx xxxx menjadi hambatan dalam perdagangan internasional misalnya regulasi pemerintah yang mencakup tarif bea cukai xxx kuota impor (Apridar 2012:121). Tarif beacukai merupakan regulasi yang di tetapkan oleh pemerintah untuk mengatur bea masuk sebuah produk impor. Kuota impor menurut Xxxxxxxxx (2014:206) “adanya pembatasan kuantitas impor pada suatu negara”. Hambatan dalam perdagangan internasional sebenarnya diterapkan oleh pemerintah untuk melindungi pengusaha dalam negeri dari serangan perusahaan negara lain. Hambatan tersebut juga dapat menyulitkan pengusaha/pelaku perdagangan dalam negeri untuk memasuki pasar suatu negara. Tarif beacukai akan berpengaruh terhadap harga produk impor, begitu juga dengan diterapkannya kuota impor akan menaikkan harga produk impor tersebut. Hal inilah yang mendorong pemerintah setiap negara untuk mengurangi hambatan tersebut dengan membuat Free Trade Agreement. Free Trade Agreement merupakan salah satu bentuk hasil dari globalisasi dibidang perekonomian. Menurut Apridar (2009:268) “globalisasi perekonomian merupakan suatu proses kegiatan ekonomi xxx perdagangan, dimana negara-negara di seluruh dunia menjadi satu kekuatan pasar yang semakin terintegrasi dengan tanpa rintangan batas teritorial negara”. Globalisasi ekonomi telah menyebabkan terjadinya peningkatan xxxxxx ketergantungan antar negara yang mana juga setiap negara bersaing untuk mengambil dampak positif dari globalisasi xxx menghindari dampak negatif terhadap negara mereka sendiri. Pada xxxx xxxx, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) semakin berkembang xxx dilakukan secara bilateral ataupun regional. Hal ini adalah dampak dari lambannnya proses liberalisasi perdagangan di tingkat global, sementara dalam situasi yang sama terjadi pergerakan barang yang sangat pesat antar negara. FTA hanyalah perjanjian yang difungsikan untuk menghapus hambatan tarif xxx non tarif untuk perdagangan internasional. Sementara dalam kegiatan perekonomian internasional tidak hanya menyangkut tentang perdagangan, namun juga Investasi luar negeri xxx kerjasama tenaga kerja, sehingga FTA berkembang menjadi FTA plus. Menurut Badan Xxxxxx xxx Pengembangan Kebijakan Kementrian luar negeri (2010) “FTA plus sering disebut dengan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) atau CEP (Closer Economic Partnership)”. Salah satu bentuk Free Trade Agreement plus adalah IJEPA (Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement), yaitu perjanjian untuk melakukan kegiatan perdagangan bebas antara Indonesia xxx Jepang. IJEPA adalah sebuah perjanjian kerjasama di bidang ekonomi antara pemerintah Indonesia dengan pemerintah Jepang yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan perdagangan antarnegara xxx investasi baik di Indonesia maupun Jepang. Menurut Badan Xxxxxx xxx Pengembangan Kebijakan Kementrian luar negeri (2010) “ IJEPA merupakan perjanjian bilateral yang pertama bagi Indonesia xxx menempatkan Indonesia sejajar dengan negara pesaing di pasar Jepang”. Komoditas utama ekspor Indonesia ke Jepang adalah batubara, karet alam, minyak bumi xxx olahannya, rumput laut, udang dll (id.emb- xxxxx.xx.xx/ diakses tgl 17 Desember 2016). Sedangkan komoditas impor Indonesia dari Jepang umumnya adalah produk otomotif seperti komponen mesin xxx xxxx cadang, transportasi publik, produk elektronik, dll.

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  • Sarnia-Lambton The full-time Nurse(s) assigned to a team will have first priority for RN work assignment within the team. Continuity of care for the patients shall be considered when determining patient assignments. The primary Nurse for a patient may be a full-time Nurse or a part-time Nurse. In all cases where there is work, which cannot be done by the full-time Nurse, the work shall be assigned to other Nurses in the following order:

  • Professor Appointment, promotion to this rank, and/or tenure, requires possession of a doctoral degree or terminal degree appropriate in the field of assignment as determined by university policy. In addition, a minimum of 12 years’ appropriate cumulative experience specific to the discipline is also required, at least six of which must be in rank as associate professor. Effective for new hires beginning fall 2012, promotion to this rank requires that three of the twelve years of cumulative experience shall be earned at UNA. In addition, the applicant shall have established a sustained and consistent record of excellence in teaching; research, scholarship, or other creative activities; and service.

  • Gardens Lawns, xxxxxx, flower beds, trees, shrubs, outside walls and fences.

  • Messrs Cope and Xxxxxxxxxx have shared voting and investment power over the shares being offered under the prospectus supplement filed with the SEC in connection with the transactions contemplated under the Purchase Agreement. Lincoln Park Capital, LLC is not a licensed broker dealer or an affiliate of a licensed broker dealer.

  • Vlastnictví Zdravotnické zařízení si ponechá a bude uchovávat Zdravotní záznamy. Zdravotnické zařízení a Zkoušející převedou na Zadavatele veškerá svá práva, nároky a tituly, včetně práv duševního vlastnictví k Důvěrným informacím (ve smyslu níže uvedeném) a k jakýmkoli jiným Studijním datům a údajům.


  • KITCHEN The kitchen is for warming purposes only. It is equipped with commercial freezer and refrigerator, two large microwaves, and deep sinks for clean-up. Please remember that if warm drinks are put in the refrigerator, it may take a long time for the drinks to get cold. The Xxxxxxx Park District does not provide catering.