Agricultural production definition

Agricultural production means the commercial production of food or fiber.
Agricultural production means the production of any growing grass or crop attached to the surface of the land, whether or not the grass or crop is to be sold commercially, and the production of any farm animals, including farmed elk, whether or not the animals are to be sold commercially.
Agricultural production means the production of an agricultural operation. It shall also mean the agricultural product storage, service facilities and farmsteads which relate to the individual farm unit;

Examples of Agricultural production in a sentence

Agricultural production in Norfolk will continue to evolve.Norfolk County has a rich agricultural land base with approximately 85 per cent considered to be prime agricultural lands consisting of Class 1, 2 and 3 soil capability for agriculture.Agricultural production contributes significantly to the County’s economic vitality.

Retrieved from Agricultural production has been identified as a major source of groundwater and sediment pollution in the western Lake Erie Basin of Ohio.

More Definitions of Agricultural production

Agricultural production means activities associated with the production of agricultural products for food, fiber, fuel and other lawful uses and includes without limitation:
Agricultural production means the production of any growing grass, crops, or trees attached to the surface of the land or farm animals with commercial value.
Agricultural production means commercial aquaculture, algaculture meaning the farming of algae, apiculture, animal husbandry, or poultry husbandry; the production for a commercial purpose of timber, field crops, tobacco, fruits, vegetables, nursery stock, ornamental shrubs, ornamental trees, flowers, or sod; the growth of timber for a noncommercial purpose if the land on which the timber is grown is contiguous to or part of a parcel of land under common ownership that is otherwise devoted exclusively to agricultural use; or any combination of such husbandry, production, or growth; and includes the processing, drying, storage, and marketing of agricultural products when those activities are conducted in conjunction with such husbandry, production, or growth.
Agricultural production means all activities associ- ated with the raising of animals for agricultural purposes, including but not limited to animals raised for wool or fur. Agricultural production also includes the exhibiting or mar- keting of live animals raised for agricultural purposes; and
Agricultural production means the commercial apiculture, animal husbandry or poultry husbandry, the commercial production of field crops, tobacco, fruits, vegetables, timber, nursery stock, sod or flowers or any combination of such husbandry or production and includes the processing, drying, storage, and marketing of food and fiber products and animals used for recreation, fur or wildlife purposes.
Agricultural production means the same as defined in rule 701—211.1(423).
Agricultural production means the production for commercial purposes of crops, livestock and livestock products, and includes the processing or retail sales by the producer of crops, livestock or livestock products which are produced on the parcel or in the District.